Natural Link Building Is For The Best

Natural Link Building Is For The BestEven though the SEO industry will bicker about the value of link building and backlinks, the bottom line is that they are still of great value if you know how to work it.

Search engines are looking for specific information that allows their algorithms to determine if a site is legit, offers quality content, and provides the raw technical data a search engine to categorize and list the webpage properly. Due to years of spammers and crooks trying to rig the system, Google and other search engines have gotten rigorous about their qualifications to the point that it can confuse. This is what has happened regarding the value of backlinks.

There was a time when your webpages would rank higher determined upon how many backlinks you had acquired. The old algorithms determined that if that many sites were linking back to you that your site must be popular. They hadn’t taken into account that once that information was discovered, everybody and their brother tried to get as many backlinks as possible. At times it got so ridiculous that people would have backlinks from a site that had nothing to do with the content of theirs.

This practice got the big kibosh when Google started upgrading their software and introducing new software. Gone are the days of the webrings and link building spam sites. Google’s algorithms now look for relevancy and authority. If a link to your site isn’t from a site of similar content and that site is of importance, then you’re good to go. If for example you own a plumbing company and get backlinks from a cosmetic website, you’ve just done yourself in.

The best way to make the most out of SEO and backlinks is to earn them. That’s right, earn the right to have a site link to you because of one reason, your site is of relevant importance to the site linking to you. When social media comments link to your site, that’s another boost in SEO organic traffic. The organic traffic is what you want because it’s traffic that says it wants what your website has.

Review sites can help, but Google is wise to people spamming review sites too. You want that traffic from other sites and blogs and social media that will send people to the specific webpages of your site that get the job done pitching your goods or services. If someone on Facebook goes into a plumbing help forum on Facebook and they see someone has posted a link to your website, the backlink it creates is organic in structure, and that means the surfer will be interested and a conversion to sales a strong possibility.

Be diversified too. Having backlinks from relevant sites is fine, but did you know that even if you have a backlink from a site that has nothing to do with yours can be beneficial as well? Here’s how that is done. Let’s say you post on your plumbing help you make sure you put your location info in the video or post and when people share it, they will be directing people to your blog. They may realize that not only do they have a cool website to go to, but if they ever need plumbing help, they’ll remember your services as friendly and reachable.

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