SEO Mistakes Can Cost You

5 SEO Mistakes That Cost You Money

SEO is both a science and art nowadays. It’s taken well over 20 years for SEO to become the juggernaut of the industry it is. It took thousands of people untold thousands of hours to get the gist of the process and then to fine tune it to something they can use as a commodity. It’s a never ending series of procedures and technologies and that is why making SEO mistakes can cost you. We’ll look at some of those mistakes of recent.

Not Going Mobile

One of the biggest mistakes of the present day is for website owners to not go mobile. They don’t realize that mobile is the biggest growing end of technology for SEO. Desktops are way behind of the pack and your website has to be able to be seen properly on mobile devices. Just having a cool looking website isn’t going to cut it either.
It’s about tooling your site with the specialization that mobile viewing and interaction requires. It’s not easy as it’s a process that continues to change with the mobile technology. There are millions of apps and how they interact with one another and how they benefit certain niches.
It’s about how the surfer on the go can get to your site via the search engines and actually be able to tell heads or tails of what your site is about. It’s about the surfer, the potential customer’s ability to find what they want and purchase it easily. All these things are part of the big equation of the mobile market.
If you don’t go mobile, you just as might as well go away. Fortunately there are easy tools to get you started and are free. Google offers many such tools and there are tons of tutorials on YouTube.

Keywords Are Everything

It was the keyword that ruled the roost in SEO during the firs t 15 years. People found out that the words you used on your site attracted the crawlers of the search engines and that the right placement and use of keywords was what won the day. That concept led to people stuffing as many keywords as possible on a webpage but that practice soon died as the search engines discovered this and began to penalize the use of such.

SEO companies then went to battle buying advertising space for the top keywords. Nowadays the top keyword placement will cost you upwards of millions of dollars so the average Joe is left to other ways to gain the top result spots on the search engine pages.

Specialists have emerged who dedicate day and night to discovering and applying what they have regarding the latest in keyword research and application. The average person cannot delve into the intricacies of this area of keyword application skill.
Fortunately, smart, honest, and sane use of keywords can level the playing field. It’s a matter of know the tools to do keyword research with and how to apply them so that you can gain some ground or even the top spots without having to pay a fortune to do so. This is where the specialists comes in and it would be wise to at least consult one if you want to be a viable competitor in the game.

Linkbuilding Correctly Is Essential

If you think keywords have been troublesome just get a load of the linkbuilding procedures. Like with keywords, linkbuilding was discovered to be a main part of getting listed high in the search engine results.
That led to an industry of scammers who came up with every way to use links to circumvent the search engine crawlers. This led to everything from webrings where people exchanged links in a circle of fellow sites to make it look like one’s website was of some importance.

Well those good old days are gone and nowadays linkbuilding is reliant on well placed links from authority sites and those sites relevant to your niche. Again, getting a specialist in linkbuilding and the other primary processes here requires a professional and there’s none better than Affordable SEO Florida to get the job done. From keywords to linkbuilding to building a better mobile site, they’re the SEO company to go with.