4 Things you Need When Starting Your SEO Campaign

Starting Your SEO CampaignThere are a lot of complex variables involved in Search engine optimization (SEO). This is why if you’re unfamiliar with the basics, anything more will feel somewhat overwhelming. Even once you learn the fundamentals you’ll need to continue learning more so you can stay competitive. Fortunately, none of this is so technical that the average person can’t understand how to start a campaign.

Starting an SEO Campaign

When you’re ready to start your SEO campaign there are some things you must do. These include:
You need a well-designed site that anchors your strategy. This is a site that’s functional, not necessarily beautiful. You need to use clean code so that Google can see it. While most of today’s website builders have built-in SEO functionality you must still make some of your own tweaks. One of the best out of the box CMS systems today is WordPress. Directly out of the box it allows you to index every page but there are still some things you’ll want to do to make it somewhat easier for you to work with.
Once you have a well-designed website, you need a keyword targeting strategy. There are a variety of options available for you to choose from here. The way to know what’s best for you is to decide what keywords are best for your website based on your perception of your website and your understanding of your target audience. Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to use a tool like Moz’s Keyword Explorer to discover how many people are searching for them and how often they’re searching for them. Search volume and competition are also important because you want your keywords to have a high volume with low competition in this regard.
Now it’s time to start executing your SEO plan. This requires the production of high-quality content on a regular basis usually this should happen several times a week at the very least. Creating the content isn’t where the process ends though. You must also syndicate every piece of content you create on social media, build links to your website through guest blogging, and work on other SEO tactics as well. This is bound to take you several hours a week, hours that you could otherwise spend dedicated to working on those parts of your business in which you excel. It’s with this thought in mind, at this point in time that you may wish to start thinking about hiring some help.

Seeing Results

Once you start your SEO campaign with these basics don’t expect them to sustain you long-term. These will require minimal investment and will give you some momentum towards your target keywords within 4 months. However, since there’s so much competition and Google’s standards are continually growing you’ll need to step up your game.

At some point, you’ll realize that you can’t do all of this alone. Professionals not only have more time to dedicate to getting you the SERPs you want but they also have the knowledge to do so as well. Eventually, you’re bound to reach a point where you’ll want this knowledge because you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing any longer.

You must also realize that starting a more in-depth campaign isn’t easy, especially when you stop to consider everything else you’re responsible for. Your daily business routine probably can’t handle adding these important steps into it anytime soon. Yet, you also can’t afford not to do something about this major business component. Fortunately, there is something you can do: Contact us at Affordable SEO Tampa and let us put our 10+ years of experience to work for you. Rest assured we know how to properly set up your campaign and we’re more than happy to get started on it for you today.