3 Criteria That Determine The Website’s Rank In Search Results

3 Criteria to Optimize Your Website for Higher Search Engine RankingsWhile you may come across many questions related to Search Engine Optimization, it’s not that easy to know the time when the website would be among the top search engine results. Since the variables help in optimizing the website, you should spend more time in evaluating them.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to guess the time period for the SEO results. But, the truth comes into the picture only when several variables of your own website are analyzed in comparison to the similar variables for the competitor’s websites. Basically, there are three criteria which can help you determine how long SEO would take. So, let’s have a look at them in detail.


If you’re trying to promote something that people don’t normally use, then you wouldn’t face competition. However, if you deal in selling commonly used products then you are bound to face competition depending on the demand. It’s something similar to services an expert and a company is happy to offer.

For instance, a plumber who serves the local market may face less competition than a real estate firm in the same city. Moreover, the competition faced by a mortgage company is surely going to be high in comparison to a real estate brokerage.

As you might observe, you may have to wait in case you are planning to optimize competing web pages.

If you draw a graph with time and difficulty as the variables, then it represents a bell curve. This means that it’s easier to increase the rank of web pages that appear at the bottom of the search engine results. On the other hand, it’s important to know how the volume of competition and skills of the SEO professionals are related with each other.

Demand drives organizations to race ahead in the competitive market. This pushes them to offer the best deals and rule in the market.

So, large companies afford to seek assistance from SEO professionals.

In case you are against the situation, then you would have to face a tough battle way ahead.

Inbound Links

Inbound links definitely help in optimizing a website. But, the overall impact depends on many factors.

It’s important to know the volume of links that direct visitors to your website. As you start using more number of links, the website would be visible on top of the search results. But, in the end, you should select links that mean a lot for your business.

The speed at which the links have been earned also matters most. Ensure that it is stable in terms of growth.

If the link building tactics are according to Google’s guidelines, then the growth is stable. The progress slows down when you start using some other SEO techniques.


Regardless of the content that’s published online, you should make sure that there isn’t any compromise in quality. There is no word limit for web pages but, the content should be able to provide everything that’s important.

It’s always a good idea to maintain a schedule. Once you start adding new content on the website frequently, Google won’t find it tough to find your website. Moreover, fresh content enhances the online experience because users would be visiting the website over and over again.

Whenever the website is getting optimized, the rank of the web page doesn’t depend on the age. In case you are wondering why new pages take time to grab the topmost rank, then it’s because of other factors, and not the age.

Finally, you can’t figure out the rank for a particular keyword. However, you can guess the time span depending on certain variables. As time passes by, you would be able to make out when the website can achieve the top rank.

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