New Innovations in SEO

What is the new innovation in SEO?For the past two decades, search engine optimization (SEO) has held its own as a niche in the online marketing community. However, many people would argue that this part of internet marketing remains stagnant. While there are a lot of Google updates occurring and new software platforms entering the scene the basic strategies remain similar to what were used about a decade ago. So, many marketers are wondering where the innovation is.

Defining Innovation

This type of marketing has only been around for about 20 years. During that time a lot of changes have occurred. You can see this simply by looking at the near-constant tweaks Google makes in its algorithms. There are also small adjustments continually being made by clients to keep up with Google’s changes. However, these are tweaks or responses to the system. These aren’t “true” innovations, which is defined as a new idea, approach, or method.

New Innovative Techniques

The field of medicine continually makes new breakthroughs and introduces new methods and techniques. This is something you’ll want to look for in SEO as well. Some of the areas where you’ll find this include:

  • Researching and selecting keywords
  • Creating new content to support your website’s domain authority
  • Engaging your audience through blog posts
  • Building links through guest posts and link attraction by creating and marketing high-quality content
  • Troubleshooting indexing problems with your website

New Technologies Help With SEO Techniques

The tactics we’ve mentioned here aren’t innovative. They’re not even high-level strategies. In other words, that’s not where the real innovation lies. Instead, you’ll find that in the technologies you use to employ these strategies.

A great example of this innovation is the Google search console, which was originally known as Webmaster Tools. Google is continually adding new features and making upgrades to this tool. By doing so they want to make it easier for you to see exactly how your visitors are viewing your website. Some of the areas where they’re doing this include:
Keyword research: While you want to find high-volume keywords without a lot of competition their tool is helping you by offering you more information so that you can find these keywords faster.
Analytics: These are continually becoming more user-friendly by offering you a growing amount of information that you can use to evaluate your internet marketing campaign.
Automation: This simply means taking basic marketing tasks, streamlining them and making them occur automatically. It includes everything from scheduling social media posts to coordinating email blasts.

While these aren’t necessarily changing what we define SEO as they are changing how we execute it.

Determining how Much Innovation Actually Exists

Now you’re probably still wondering how much innovation actually exists. After all, this is the original question we’ve tried to explore along the way here.

When it comes to high-level concepts, direction, and technique, there really hasn’t been much in the way of innovation. Google is still working the same way as it worked in the past. Of course, it’s made some aesthetic and functional improvements, but the same principles still remain in place.

SEO innovation is found in technique though. New ways of creating and distributing content and measuring its reach have been created. So, this is where you’ll find the innovation.

Until these tools become more accessible, automated, and easier to understand, you’ll need some help. At Affordable SEO Company we understand the core principles here since we’ve worked with them for 20+ years now. As such, we truly look forward to helping you with these principles so your website can start benefiting today.