Do SEO And PPC Go Hand In Hand?

Do SEO And PPC Go Hand In Hand?Based on their initial appearance, SEO and PPC seem like completely different strategies with their own theories and explanations. This is why many marketers tend to separate them. Unfortunately, when you do this you may miss out on some big opportunities since combining these two types of marketing can bring you a lot more value than depending on just one of them alone.

Why all Marketers Must Work Together

Typically, organic SEO will drive the most traffic to your website over the long-term. This in no way means that you won’t get lots of traffic from PPC, especially since Google is continually changing its focus, pushing organic searches further and further down their page. When you have both marketing campaigns working together though you’ll be able to own more real estate on Google’s front page regardless of how they change things.

There are a few ways you can make this happen:

  • They can support one another’s keyword research. For this to happen you must first determine what words your site is currently ranking for and what pages are receiving the most traffic. Once you’ve done this you should conduct a little more keyword research so you can locate new opportunities and make sure they’re properly mapped from the correct pages. By sharing this information with your PPC strategist they can then use it to start working on list building and segmenting. Your strategist can then share their results with them so they can see what is and isn’t working. This is important because even a subtle change can make a huge difference. The entire process works faster when everyone works together.
  • You can use your clicks campaign to test your SEO. This is particularly good news for those websites who are making changes to certain pages in hopes of improving their conversion and engagement but who don’t get enough traffic to effectively test the effects of these changes. In this way you’re able to test every page element (e.g. titles, forms, body copy).

Benefits of Having SEO and PPC Work Together

By having everyone work together your website will greatly benefit in various ways including:

  • You can use the data from one campaign to help you form strategies for the other. This is good news since Analytics’ keyword data isn’t as effective as it was in the past. Now you’ll have a way to get the data you need by watching your traffic and conversions.
  • You’ll achieve better listing positions which will help you maximize your traffic – something that’ll always be much more important than ranking. Your organic data can tell you what keywords have the best conversion value.
  • By watching what PPC ads your visitors are clicking on you can see how much time they’re spending on your website, your website’s bounce rate, how many pages your visitors go to, and what ads are converting best for you.
  • Remaking your PPC campaigns can save you some time and effort because you can then remarket it to your organic visitors. This will keep people interested in what you’re doing while also targeting people who previously showed interest but didn’t take action. This can be as simple as creating a new ebook, white paper, or blog post.

Now that you know why you need both types of marketing, it’s time to get started. Considering everything else that you have going on with your business, the best thing to do is to find a partner to help you here. This is where Affordable SEO Company can step in and help you. Over the years they’ve helped many clients successfully manage their various marketing campaigns. Get in touch with them today so they can help you too.

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