The Effects Of Google Ads PPC On Organic Results

The Effects of Google Ads PPC on Organic ResultsPPC is known to affect your organic SEO but how is still something that’s highly debated today. It’s understandable that this must be an indirect affect. In other words, you can’t blame Google Ads alone for raising or lowering you in the SERPs. Nevertheless, there are still many indirect ways these two types of marketing intersect.

When Searchers are presented with ads they’re more likely to click on organic results.

This is something that’s been proven time and time again by research – some of which was conducted by Google itself. It’s also why so many marketers are busy bidding on brand searches today. Of course, there are still those marketers who say this won’t work, even though research shows otherwise.

When someone has already been exposed to your website through Google Ads, they’re more likely to click through and convert.

When you have a higher click-through rate and a higher engagement rate, you’re more likely to also have a higher ranking in the organic SERPs. This is why it’s so important to get your brand out there in front of people. Once they see it again, they’ll gladly click on your site and buy something because they already have a strong association with your brand. This isn’t as likely to easily occur with a new brand, company, or website. This is why PPC can help your SEO efforts.

When it comes to certain queries, you’ll find that PPC strongly impacts organic SEO.

On average Google Ads receive 2% – 3% of all clicks while organic receives 47% – 57% of all clicks. This has truly changed the landscaping, especially when it comes to SERP click-through rates. It may honestly have something to do with Google’s layout which shows you rich image ads at the top that you can sort through and select different ones followed by more ads, paid text ads, and eventually if you scroll down far enough you’ll find the organic results. This design gives 25% – 50% of its clicks to PPC ads which makes click-through rates highly biased. In fact, there are times when your bids for Google Ads can change the entire click-through rate curve for that SERP.

Your organic SEO may be improved by more links, mentions, coverage, and shares.

PPC ads can cause a ripple effect. They may cause someone to link to a certain page, mention it somewhere, give it media or social media coverage, or otherwise share it. When this happens it may either directly or indirectly boost the site’s rankings. This is why when you grow engagement, your website’s overall traffic will increase and boost your rankings. Of course, the way that the website is shared must be valuable and useful – not just commercial.

Bidding on Google Ads affects the broader market by causing a higher demand or incentive for that website.

This is so subtle it can be difficult to understand. However, when you use PPC you short change the market because you’re changing how people think about content creation, monetization, and a query’s value. As such, terms that people never gave much thought to in the past will start seeing some competition after a while. This is where you need to be careful when bidding on Google Ads because you can start to attract so much attention that you change the whole dynamic of how the search query is working in that sector.

With all this information in mind, hopefully you now have a better understanding of how these different types of marketing work together. When you need help engaging in all these things for your own website, make sure you reach out to the Affordable SEO Company.

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