Adapting Your SEO 2020 Strategy For Coronavirus Situation

Adapting Your SEO 2020 Strategy For Coronavirus SituationCoronavirus has managed to disrupt nearly all facets of everyone’s lives as the first quarter of 2020 comes to a close. People are forced to make major changes to their everyday lives for adapting to the new normal. Businesses are bracing themselves for the negative economic impact which will occur with people changing their habits for the future. This is a time of uncertainty and many businesses are trying to position themselves for the future. They will be revisiting their SEO strategies for 2020 and try to comprehend their role in the rapidly changing environment.

Monitor Google

Firstly you need to monitor the Google Search Console, other keyword tools and Google Trends to keep up with the shifts in the search interests and behavior of various relevant keywords and topics for your business or industry during the upcoming period. Keep track of the website performance to keep in tune with how the customers are converting in the period and update your forecasting and reporting to understand the effect of coronavirus threat.

Changing Role of SEO in Marketing due to the Coronavirus Situation

You need to understand the role of SEO during these changing times in the field of marketing. In the short term scenario, the marketing channels will have to react quickly to the impact of coronavirus. When you are evaluating the marketing priorities you also must keep in mind the organic nature of SEO. Evaluate the organic and paid coverage for the upcoming months to comprehend how both these may be balanced in the overall marketing strategy specific to the coronavirus situation.

Changing Content Initiatives Due to Changes in Consumer Spending

The consumer behavior is likely to change during these times and shift away from the active conversion in the short term for capturing the traffic. There is every likelihood that the top-mid funnel content has to be created so that it benefits the behavior of future customers with info regarding your business’s products and services. You need to create SEO-informed guides and other such informative content around the products and services for building the E-A-T signals.

Long Term SEO Considerations

You need to leverage from the long term nature of SEO for making sure that the site ranks well for high competition and high volume keywords that are expected to peak during quarter 4. Your business will likely see short term losses during the upcoming months. But future planning and SEO for the upcoming initiatives will make sure that the businesses are well-positioned for the possible upswing when the coronavirus threat is resolved.

Plan a Digital Transformation of Your Business

Take into account how your business can be digitalized to sell your products and services in the future. You need to quarantine the business from potential emergencies and adapt to future trends. For instance, when your business is selling some goods, can you have some service or product available for direct download? When the businesses need personal consultations for gaining some of your services you may use teleconferencing as an alternative.

Adopting Content Strategies for the New Scenario

Businesses need to be aware of the direct impact of coronavirus situation on their specific brands and companies for fine-tuning their messaging. In addition to that organizations should consider various sections that will apply to the new scenario such as,

  • You may consider having a dedicated coronavirus page for your website.
  • Create new YouTube and Video content.
  • Make sure that your website’s FAQ content is updated properly.
  • Take into consideration isolation and social distancing in your messaging.
  • During a sale include cleaning and care instructions for your products and services.
  • You should be mindful of potential changes in Google algorithms and SERPs.

Website Development and Technical SEO

It is a known fact that SEO is largely dependent on its implementation. The focus must be shifted to the capability of businesses to perform required technical updates in a short term scenario. Due to the disruptions caused by a coronavirus, the businesses will not have their normal development processes in place for taking on the short term challenges.


When you are looking for these new strategies for SEO in the upcoming uncertain times you may consider getting in touch with Affordable SEO Company. They will help you develop the strategies for this unique scenario facing the world today and gain more customers to make your business rank among the SERPs.

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