Effect Of Coronavirus Outbreak On Internet Marketing

Effect Of Coronavirus Outbreak On Internet MarketingThe Coronavirus outbreak might put a damper on the year which was forecast to visualize bigger media investments and has brought to the forefront realities that are unique to the internet marketing world.

The coronavirus is spreading quickly around the world and it is unsettling the stock markets with several operational disruptions to various industries from retail to hospitality. It was expected that we will see an up kick in the media investments this year with events such as the 2020 Olympics around the corner.

There have been some less predictable consequences to the internet marketing world. With curtailed traveling and supply chain affected adversely, it has become tough to get your product across to the market and get it to sell. The short term marketing investments may turn out to be futile. All this has resulted in people pulling back their investments a bit.



You can use some safeguards notwithstanding things will not get too severe. One of the key aspects of internet marketing is agility and it can act as a safeguard against the coronavirus consequences. The various businesses that are feeling the pinch in profit margins can freeze their marketing budget as a reaction to the short term planning. However, it doesn’t mean that the dollars will disappear forever. With the dwindling opportunities the ad sending is bound to get affected but they can be re-compensated. Another problem facing many people is the dependence on China which admittedly will not affect the internet marketing sector too badly. However, the e-commerce supply chains will be strained by the spread of the coronavirus and some factory closures in some of the regions of China are going to affect the business adversely.

Some Internet Marketing recommendations

  • Optimize the bids to make sure that the performing keywords are making a sufficient impression in order to keep on driving results.
  • Make sure that you review all the query reports and prepare a list of search queries that are consuming costs but are leading the objective fulfillment. You can decide whether to add negatives or pause the keywords etc.
  • Search query reports are to be reviewed continuously to make sure that unwanted traffic is not driven to your website. Mark the related keywords as negatives if this is happening.
  • Monitor all news about the coronavirus on a regular basis to keep track of the possible demands.

Shopping Online

The factory outlets must recognize that more people are likely to shop online in the situation and will stay active during the day when they are not online in the normal course of events. We may see a shift from the physical stores to online and it may actually benefit the e-commerce industry. The various channels used by e-commerce such as affiliate marketing will not get affected unless things got severe.


The search engine community tends to think of SEO as being about achieving a ranking in the search engines. However, it is not the end of the business. The ultimate goal of all the effort is to make sales. The coronavirus may have affected internet marketing negatively as a whole but it has some positive aspects to it as well. For example, there was a huge search interest in the keyword “mask” in South Korea and Japan. This was a result of the ripple caused due to the outbreak of the virus. If you are thinking of developing an SEO plan for the situation contact SEO teams such as Affordable SEO Company who can help you with the various strategies. Sometimes you want a plan against negative SEO. These SEO teams can guide you about the options available to you to avoid the unwanted SEO.

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