How Quarantine Can Affect Your SEO

How Quarantine Can Affect Your SEOAs the Coronavirus makes its way across the United States, an online business may wonder if it will take a toll on their internet marketing strategy. While it is natural to panic in an epidemic as this, know that SEO can be done at any time, and is crucial right now during COVID-19.

We have heard from marketing specialists that even though the Coronavirus is preventing many companies from doing much business, you must know that you can still work in quarantine. There are many things you can do to help diminish the consequences of being in quarantine. Here we will provide some tips for you so you can continue to work on your SEO efforts to survive the crisis.

First off, we will tell you that some individuals are not taking this epidemic seriously. They may see life going on as it normally does. However, things have taken a major hit. Large company shares have taken a huge blow. Look at Disney. In the past 6 months, they have seen a decline in sales of 25%! At the same time, Amazon, another huge global company, has seen a rise in sales by 10%. Another online business, Netflix, has seen a rise of 34% in sales with Expedia taking a hit by 55+ %.

Those businesses that are rising above the crisis are ready for change. They have a plan in place, which is clear and is working efficiently at it. The company is flexible and knows exactly what is happening.

People are scared of pandemics. They are uncertain about what to do. However, for many businesses, this time can bring exciting and new opportunities. However, you can use the Coronavirus epidemic to your advantage. By putting into place an SEO crisis plan, you can see a wealth of growth. Use this chance to make your business shine.

If you act upon this crisis fast by adapting to the situation, you can beat out your competition. Changes that everyone is seeing include people staying at home more now and an increase in online learning. Many businesses are having their employees work from home if they can. Individuals are having more free time to use the internet and entertain themselves. Those that have offline businesses, such as sporting arenas, grocery stores, nail salons, hair salons, and others are seeing a huge decline in business.

There is a demand right now for essential goods. And we have seen an increase in medicals goods, such as masks, gloves, antiseptics, and more.

By now you are probably wondering what you can do for your SEO. Remember those tips we said we were going to share? There is no better time than now to use these tips for your online business to survive the quarantine and the Coronavirus.

First, you want to hope for the best but expect the worst. While we all hope this goes away quickly, changes of it actually doing so are slim. In this case, honesty is your best key. Know that you must have a plan in place for the worst-case scenario. Sales may drop, and if they do, are you prepared to handle this? What can you do for your sales to increase them if this situation does happen?

Do you have a plan for your finances at this time? There will most likely be a shortage of funds on your end of the business. Is there a plan in place to help minimize your expenses at this time? Perhaps there is a way that you can delay some payments to minimize the impact you are feeling with less cash flow. You may be able to work out a deal with your contractor to delay payments, or possibly your landlord will allow you to pay the rent at a later date.

Our third tip is to put a priority on your cost for the company’s needs, as well as your staff. You will want to think about what is vital for your business, what expenses are important, and third, what expenses are needed for comfort. If cash is an issue, by all means, reduce anything that is not needed at this time.

The faster you can adapt to the situation, the better it will be for your online business. Look at what is going on during quarantine, and think about what will happen after the virus has ended. Adjust your budget and activities accordingly.

You will also want to look at various ways you can attract clients at this time. This will be crucial to your online business surviving. Keep your SEO marketing aggressive and construct a sales funnel to optimize them.

If you are uncertain how you can help your online business during a pandemic, turn to a trusted firm, such as Affordable SEO Tampa Company. They can help you devise a marketing plan that will work before, during, and after an epidemic such as the Coronavirus.

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