Tips For Building A Strong SEO Campaign During Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips For Building A Strong SEO Campaign During Coronavirus PandemicWe are three and a half months into the year 2020 and coronavirus pandemic has disrupted pretty much all facets of our lives. Significant changes are required in the daily lives of people to adapt to the changing environment. For businesses trying to position well during the period of uncertainty, it will be worth revising their SEO strategies and understand the role of SEO in the changing atmosphere. Let’s see how the businesses can adapt to the changes in their SEO campaigns to absorb the impact created by COVID-19.

SEO Strategies during Coronavirus

1. Content Strategy: Businesses need to be aware of the impact this coronavirus pandemic has made on their specific industry and brand before they can fine-tune their SEO strategy around the situation. In addition to that, the various brands must consider these areas where the new situation will impact their content strategy,

  • It might be a good idea to have a dedicated coronavirus information page. In case your business is considered an essential business or if it is affected by coronavirus you can plan on creating a dedicated page for capturing the coronavirus traffic and then link it to the significant areas of your website.
  • Make sure that your FAQ section is updated regularly and appropriately. Evaluate your products and services and update the FAQ suitably. Sometimes you may need a specific language update for coronavirus news.
  • Add clean and care instructions for your products on the website. If your company sells some physical products add clean and care instruction on the details pages. It may help in capturing traffic as people will actively search for different methods to clean various products during the period.
  • Develop more YouTube and video content as people are expected to spend a lot of time at home viewing YouTube and other streaming services. You can also present a lot of video content to the users. Use SEO insights for creating video content and be aware of the required topics.
  • While writing the content or developing any messages in the period be aware of references to social distancing. Think of adding some DIY topics for your products and services which can be valuable to the users in the lockdown period. Always be careful with the language you are using as it may be envisaged as counterintuitive with the coronavirus guidelines.
  • There may be some changes in Google algorithms to accommodate the situation. Some businesses such as healthcare and finance companies may witness significant changes in the SERPs and the organic results may also vary. The various brands have to be aware of this while developing their content.

2. Website Development and Technical SEO: It is the truth that website development is dependent on its implementation. The specific focus has to be on a business’s capability to perform necessary technical updates in short terms. Due to the disruption by the coronavirus crisis, businesses will not follow typical development processes as these are short term challenges. Keeping this mind take into account these items while developing the technical SEO initiatives,

  • You can pretty much expect limited availability and bandwidth for development resources.
  • Prioritize fixing the known issues and monitor the website performance closely.
  • Leverage the coronavirus schema markup if it is applicable.

The data analytics for the businesses will be affected by the coronavirus situation. The various companies will be aware of this while monitoring organic search. One thing is certain amidst this uncertain situation and that is you need to be prepared for a lot of hits and misses. You will need to be on the lookout for alternatives if something backfires. For local SEO in the Tampa, FL area contact the Affordable SEO Company for help.

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