Taking Advantage Of Holiday Keywords

Taking Advantage Of Holiday KeywordsGet your guns ready or better yet your keyword research and optimization software, as it’s time to bust in there and take advantage of the content marketing holiday keywords.

First of all, don’t think you’re going to get the best of the keywords as the major stores have them all sewed up. It doesn’t mean there’s any room for improvement on a dramatic basis, but it means not spending a fortune to gain pennies. There’s logic to be applied here and you need to look at both following fundamental SEO tactics and strategies and innovation on your part.

Make an assessment of your content marketing on your sites and see where you can use the right holiday keywords to your advantage. Look at your competitors to see what they’re doing. Don’t mimic them, but look for where they’ve been negligent so that you can jump in there and slice off our own piece of the pie.

Once you’ve assessed the field you’ll be able to see which keywords should be applicable. Use your keyword research tools to fine tune things and then it’s time to get creative. Titles and tags need to have those holiday keywords placed properly and strategically. Action words need to be used as well as an attractive copy to make sure people actually pull up your site on the search engines when they query. For example, if you have a shoe sales website, you would, of course, say something like, “Get the best shoes for Christmas at low prices!”. Now that’s basic, but now you’ve got to do some Local SEO to really hedge your bet. You would then have copy, tags, that would say something like, “Get the best shoes for Christmas at low prices here in Smithtown, USA!”. Now you’ve fine tuned the searches. You can go even more with, “Get the best shoes for Christmas at low prices here in Smithtown, USA, next to the famous Smith sports coliseum, home to the Smithtown Smithies baseball team!”. Now you’re laying down an SEO strategy that covers all bases and more. Google will see this and multiply your page rankings because you’re serving up more precise content marketing data and combine that data with diverse content. Do this with videos, graphics, copy, and mostly on your active blogs and social media.

Because the holidays are the big shopping times, one can’t afford to miss out on snagging those sales and traffic as well as potential long-term customers for the new year. This calls for some razzle dazzle with the design but not at the expense of solid SEO. You must take advantage of everything. Every name, action, brand name, and plaster them all appropriately on your sites, blogs, and social media. If there’s a new shoe that every woman wants and whether you have them in stock or not, include the name, company’s name, in your content anyway. The high volume of search queries for these rare items will have the search engines grabbing at anything they can get their algorithms on, and desperate people will go through tens of search engine pages in the hunt for those rare and pop items.

These are just variations on a theme, but the fundamentals are there with basic SEO which is what you build upon. Done right, you’ll get that piece of holiday search and revenue making for a holiday present for yourself and your company.