Getting the Inside Scoop on Your Competition, the SEO Way

Getting The Inside Scoop On Your Competition, The SEO WayYes, it’s getting more competitive every day when it comes to websites and page rankings. Today’s strategies have to incorporate some of the fundamentals of old and the new innovations. It takes super skills to play the SEO game and part of that game is comparing your site to your competitors who are leaving you in the dust.

People think that the reason for the top sites getting the best positions, but usually that’s due to paying for the spots. Then there are sites whose webpages even beat the paying dudes. This is due primarily to SEO that is on the high end of the scale. Smart corporations hire these SEO companies to spruce up their webpages. There are standards and ethics going on here, but usually, the SEO firm does a keyword analysis and other in-depth SEO actions. By looking at the keywords and then looking at available public statistics, you can then see in detail what is going on behind the scenes.

Before you do the keyword analysis the first step is to check for professionalism. A top site should have been optimized so that issues like load time, contact info, titles, tags, and copy are all so pro-level that their sites rise to the top automatically. What you’re looking for are organic traffic statistics that you can clearly see are the results of keywords. Is the site you’re looking at making your site look like cheap goods? If that’s so then you can bet the surfing public will see the same thing. What worked ten years ago may not work now. If you’ve gotten into a rut designing your webpages and you’re using some hack template then you might as well close shop. Today’s webpages have to have it all. Each and every one of the pages on your site. The best way to gauge them is to look at the top 10 to top 20 sites. Look very closely at how they do things. Especially take note to how their layouts are, their load times too. Notice how there are no spelling or grammatical errors. They’ll have proper title tags and such across the board along with Local SEO.

Next is to look at the keywords, key phrases, key groups. How are they placed? The smart SEO will have such keywords in their title, prime copy, pics, graphics, and videos. A copy is most important. They keywords have to be fluid, natural and not appear to be crammed in there for SEO sake alone. Don’t let temptation get the best of you because of what some SEO internet marketing guru’s course tells you. Be natural or be banned or booted to the lowest end of the search engine results. Google isn’t playing around anymore when it comes to spammy sites and marketing deception. Their new software like Penguin and RankBrain are improving every day. The effects can be seen all over the web as the old scam sites have dropped off and the better, more serviceable and responsible sites have risen to the top.

So the bottom line with competition is that you have to see what they’re doing that you either won’t or can’t do. If you won’t, you had better rethink things quick. If you can’t then you had better hire an SEO professional to step up to the plate for you.

Image Credit : Affordable SEO Company