SEO and PPC – The 2 Main Marketing Tools of 2018

SEO and PPC: Knowing Which Is Right for Your WebsiteFor some time now the Internet marketing industry has depended on paid advertisements. Marketers have learned how technological advances want a website’s content organized. This is important since everyone wants their potential clients to easily find what products or services they’re selling online today. With this in mind, there’s now a great debate about whether education or attention-grabbing techniques are the best way of attracting customers today.
Most digital marketers know the pros and cons of both of these techniques, as well as using SEO and PPC. All of these ways of marketing a business online work well. What’s really important is understanding that there are reasons why you’ll want to put more time, effort, and resources into one of these techniques instead of another.

Get Back to Basics
Whether you’re marketing a product or a service you’ll find that SEO and PPC actually complement one another rather nicely. Some of the factors that help you decide where you want to place your time and energy first include:

  • The age of your business
  • Knowing who your target market is and how to find them online
  • What words your target market would type into Google when searching for the products or services you’re selling

Include PPC in Your Marketing Strategy
Any business selling products or who has a new use for a product or service that already exists needs PPC marketing. A well-designed PPC ad will quickly attract new customers to these businesses. This is because these ads place your brand right in front of these customers since Google will only show your ad with three others. For this reason, you also get a lot for your money.
When creating your PPC ad remember you only get to write a brief description and include a few links to your site. You’ll want to highlight your about page, blog, location, news, or specials. Also consider who your target audience is and their characteristics – when they’re online (day and time), where they’re located, and what language they speak. Finish by choosing a realistic budget because you don’t want to waste clicks on people who won’t buy anything from you.
Fortunately, you can track all of this information with Google Analytics. This will quickly tell you when you’ve created effective PPC ads so you can immediately pull ineffective ones. You can also decide if you want to increase your budget for an even better return on investment (ROI).

Never Overlook SEO
Since SEO works so well, many service-oriented companies rely primarily on it. This allows you to keep your brand in front of your target audience while bringing new visitors to your website to check it out. Many companies have also discovered that organic searches is more cost-effective than PPC. However, when using SEO you need to concentrate on continually building and improving your brand through content development.
When customers arrive at your site they’ll want to know more about your business before making a purchase, especially if you’re in the service industry. This is why it’s important to create articles, reviews, and positive testimonials on a regular basis. These encourage your website’s visitors to ask you for more information.

Dominating SEO in 2018
PPC and SEO really go together today. Your business honestly can’t afford to overlook this in 2018. If you want to dominate your competition in the SERPs, you’ll probably need some help in doing so. After all, you have a lot of other things you need to do – things your business’ success depend on. For this reason, you should contact us today. We’ll put together a great marketing strategy that your business will truly benefit from.