How to use SEO to Improve Your Conversion Rates

How To Improve Your Conversion Rate With The Help Of SEOSEO optimization and website conversion rate optimization are at war today as experts strive to make the two disciplines strive to make them work together. The main difference is that the first discipline is geared towards the search engines while the other is geared towards higher conversions. Very few sites can successfully combine both into a stellar site that provides a great user experience and ranks well in the SERPs. There are some strategies that can help you here.

Use Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is content that changes based on who your visitor is and where they’re from. For instance, someone who visits your site from the U.S. on a national holiday would see products and services that are related to the holiday. They may even be greeted with a simple holiday greeting. By enhancing your users’ experience in this way, you’re giving your organic SEO a boost. This is better than looking like spam by including lists of locations in your footer.

Improve User Experience by Using Neurodesign

Neurodesign is a term that was coined in 2012 to describe how to design things that make sense to your mind. For instance, you’ll want to use organic keywords and write things like your page titles in a way that your visitors find stimulating – not just writing them for the search engines. This will improve your customers’ experience, which will improve your website conversion thanks to aesthetics. To do this it considers things like how long visitors spend on your site, how often they return to your site, and your bounce rate.

Increase Visitor Duration by Using Video and Visual Elements

How long your visitors stay on your website is also important for your website’s success. Anything between 30 seconds – 2 minutes is good and over two minutes is great. To determine this, you’ll need to conduct a website audit. Once you determine how long people are staying on your site, you can do things to keep them there like adding visual elements.

Improve Page Loading Time

Another critical SEO factor is page loading time since most people will abandon any site that takes too long to load. Google defines “too long” as 3 seconds. About 53% of your visitors will leave if it takes any longer. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to help you here but they’ll tell you that this is an important factor in SEO because of its impact on website conversion so make sure you optimize your photos and eliminate any sluggish widgets.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Remember, your visitors are searching for specific things which is why your SEO needs to use long-tail keywords that answer their request. This will also help a lot with your website conversion because you know that visitors are arriving at your website prepared to buy the products or services you’re offering since these are items they’ve specifically searched for. Keyword tools like Wordtracker, Tiny Ranker, and Pro Rank Tracker are useful in finding these keywords. You’ll also need to have some patience here because your keywords won’t simply attract new visitors and improve website conversion overnight.

While it isn’t difficult to give your site a boost in the SERPs, you do need to know what tools and strategies to use. Since you already have your hands full learning about the other aspects of your business, you may want to leave this to a company who’s been in this business for many years now – Affordable SEO Company. We’ve had many satisfied clients over the years who we’ve helped with website conversion over the years and look forward to counting you amongst them.