Why you Need Content and SEO to Build Trust, Authority, and Reputation

Content & SEO: Why & How to Build Trust, Authority & ReputationTrust, authority, and reputation are necessary if you don’t want your business to be a carbon copy of your competition. With these things in place your customers grow emotionally engaged – the key to loyalty. You can clearly see when a business has these things in place because they’re more visible in the search engines.

When you use this tactic to strengthen your business’ online presence you’ll find that it’s both simple and straightforward. This is somewhat surprising considering how it’s counterintuitive to normal campaign strategies including keyword research, tech audits, and content calendars. All of this starts with asking the questions: “Why?” “What?” “How?”

Answering the “Why?” Question

This is the main question you need to answer here, and the answer has to do with capturing emotion. When your SEO content fails to communicate these things, you create nothing but stress and doubt in your clients’ minds. However, you’re really probing deep into your business’ strategy here. In doing so you’ll learn what services to focus on and amplify for your brand. Clearly you can’t afford to overlook this part of your campaign, which is why you should address it immediately.

Answering the “What?” Question

This has a lot to do with rationalizing the emotion behind the why, but it can’t be your sole focus. It’s a rational follow up to the “Why?” but you need to use rational data in answering this question. As such, it’s at this point that the elements of SEO and content marketing campaigns surface. The better job you do at defining things here, the more respect your clients will have for you.

Answering the “How?” Question

Once again, you need to realize that you’re referring to the emotion behind your marketing campaign but it’s another rational follow up to the “Why?” Now you have an opportunity to tell your clients what you’re offering – what you can do to help them with their wants and needs. Here you can tell them all about how your business works, including the specs and features of each of your products or services.

Making it all Work for Your Brand

Each brand will have unique insights to these questions. The more perspective you’re able to gain here, the more you’ll be able to propel your company ahead. Ultimately, this really isn’t as challenging as it may appear at first. Instead, it’s a really beneficial one because it helps you really see what your strong points are so you can focus on fixing those things that aren’t working out for you. This is what works – spending time on stuff that doesn’t work is counterintuitive.

One company that does a really good job of this is Apple with its iPhone. They demonstrate to the rest of the business world how to continually build and amplify on their brand. This is something they spend their time doing instead of building new phone models all the time. While they do successfully create other product lines, none of them get as much attention as the iPhone, which you see everywhere today because of this business model. Of course, this isn’t as difficult as you might think. It’s something you can put to work for your company’s brand.

Understanding all these things is important. However, it’s only the first step. Now you need to start creating SEO content that builds trust, authority, and reputation. Since you already have a lot of other things you must do for your business, you could use a helping hand here. This is why you need to hire someone who can help you. Affordable SEO Company is such a company and we look forward to helping you today.