How Google Beacon Will Change SEO as we Know It

How Google Beacons Could Transform Local BusinessGoogle Beacon is the device that consumers use to help them communicate with you on your mobile device. This is something that can only occur when you’re within a certain geographic range of their store. As such, it’s already had a big impact on local search, but some SEO experts believe that it’s going to have other big impacts soon as well.

Enhancing Hyper-Local Search’s Importance

The hyper-local queries will present experts with an opportunity to optimize for hyper-local searches. These are incredibly specific searches that are so difficult to optimize for that it may not be worth it, especially since they contain very little buyer intent. Those that do optimize for them will probably create knowledge graphs to do so.

Providing More Personalized Search Results

Many people in the marketing industry refer to Google Beacon as a “dumb device” because they can send push notifications. Eventually these will become much more personalized, based on the user’s previous profile information. When this happens, SEO activity will also increase. Some imagine it’ll be paired with data from prior search queries to help better meet consumer needs in real-time. This is also beneficial when customers return to a business’ location again in the future.

Becoming a Ranking Signal That Improves Local Results

Google Beacon can also collect information regarding a location’s foot traffic. This could then be used as a SEO ranking factor. It could also be used to give users more information, but it’d have to work on creating more accurate results first.

Pulling Data from Devices, Further Influencing Results

As things evolve even further, it’s possible that users may interact with these devices while at a retail location. This can then provide the better results that are being sought after. However, people would first need to be OK with their devices collecting information about their likes and purchase behaviors.

Spurring Consumers to Query What Their Friends Like

Consumers can also find out what products and services their friends like and have bought when they make a query from inside a retail location. Google and Facebook would then be informed about this so better options are offered to people based on their needs and desires. This is like what’s happened with the “near me” query and how it’s already made search engines become smarter. For this to happen, people’s social profiles would need to be connected to the search engines and this would change the way organic SEO is calculated.

Helping Marketers Better Anticipate Consumer Needs

Google is already marketing itself as a way for people to have quick, seamless interactions with physical objects and locations. This means you can simply tap on something on your mobile device and get access to content that’s associated with your location without every installing any apps. As such, SEO is slowly transforming so that it’s more about providing answers – even before anyone asks the question. This is already being seen with implicit search where marketing experts and their brands can choose to offer an opportunity to someone who’s in search of something they can deliver.

Better Informed Data Collection

Google Beacon can also be used for data collection. People are already marketing this information. There’s no reason this can’t also happen with SEO.

The Affordable SEO Company sees Google Beacon as presenting great new opportunities for you to learn more about your customers. You can then use this information to make better offers that your customers are interested in. This will help your bottom line so give them a call and get the process started today. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by doing so.