Essential SEO Tips for Lawyers

Essential SEO Tips for LawyersThere are a lot of law firms vying for potential clients’ attention today. This makes it more important than ever to create and implement a solid strategy for law firm SEO that will set you apart from your competition by placing you higher in the SERPs. There are some tips you should keep in mind to make this happen.

Create Law Hubs

You’ll want to create a law hub – a hub of content for each major practice area in your law firm. On each of these pages you should create articles that answer common questions, solve common issues, and educate your users. When this is really well done, it’ll be widely shared since it’s viewed as a trustworthy resource. This will drive more traffic to your site.

Prioritize Long-Form Content

Long-form content are articles consisting of over 1,890 words and exhaustively covers a specific topic. These are great for law firm SEO because they rank higher in search results, which results in more traffic for your site. This is especially true if you include useful information that your target market finds valuable.

Include Core Practice Areas in Your Main Website Navigation

Search engines scan your site in an attempt to understand your practice’s main focus. This is why you should include this information in your main navigation instead of burying important practice pages deep within your site. This not only boosts your website’s SERPs, it also boosts its usability because your potential clients can easily identify what services you offer.

Avoid Keyword Overstuffing

Although keyword phrases are still important for your law firm SEO, they’re slowly diminishing in importance. Instead of trying to force them into your content in a way that seems phony or unnatural, only use them when they naturally fit into your content. As Google grows more sophisticated, it can detect overstuffing.

Include Keywords in Your Alt Tags, Meta Description, and Title Tags

Your title tag is the most important place for your keywords so make sure it’s mentioned once there. From there, make sure you’re using alt tags that seamlessly incorporate your keywords once again. Don’t overuse these though.

Create the Right Links

You’ll give your law firm SEO a boost by establishing yourself as an authority and linking to the right content. Internally, this means linking to other relevant pages on your site. This will pull users even further into your site and result in conversions. Externally, you’ll want to add high-quality outbound links to credible sites only when necessary. This can earn you high-quality backlinks too.

Monitor Your Progress

Once your law firm SEO strategy is in place, you need to use web ranking software (e.g. Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google AdWords Preview Tool) to monitor it to see how it performs. With this software you’ll see what’s working and what’s not.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

You don’t want to overlook social media, especially Instagram which has grown a lot recently. Always use hashtags on social media that align with your law firm SEO strategy so clients can easily find you. The right photos (e.g. your firm participating in charity or team bonding activities) can also make your team look more approachable so clients feel like contacting you.

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