How to Choose the Best Phrases for Law Firm SEO

How to Choose the Best Phrases for Law Firm SEOLaw firm SEO is the key to having your website stand out from the competition and connect with potential clients online today. In specific, your keyword phrases are of utmost importance here. Your keywords are single words that you want to target (e.g. “attorney”) while your keyword phrase is a group of two to four terms (e.g. “Florida probate attorney”). Shorter terms do receive more traffic though because they’re searched for more frequently but this also increase your competition so you may not be able to be #1. This is why you should strive to attain a higher-ranking long term instead of chasing after high volume competitive phrases. Now that you understand this, here are a few tips that’ll help you choose and incorporate the best keyword phrases for your legal site.

Know What Your Marketing Objective Is

It’s important to know what your specific marketing objective is before you choose your website’s keywords. Your keywords will help you attract your ideal cases and clients. When you’re setting up your law firm SEO here make sure you ask yourself:

  • Is your practice specific to a city, region, or state?
  • Is your practice specific to a metropolitan area? If so, what common names are used there?
  • Will people be searching for you by your city, county, ZIP code, or area code?

Answering these questions helps you target your metropolitan area.

Make Sure to Include Your Areas of Practice

Another important part of law firm SEO lies in targeting your specific area of practice. This ensures that you’re marketing to the people who are seeking your specific services, thus improving your lead quality. To help you with this, ask yourself:

  • What are your specific practice areas?
  • What type of clients are you trying to attract? If so, what specific terms do they search for (common phrases, not legalese)?

Utilize Keyword Tools

Now you’ll have a clear marketing objective for your law firm SEO. It’s time to compile your keywords. There are many great tools to help you with this including Google Keyword Planner, Answer the Public, and Uber Suggest.

Incorporate Your Keywords into Your Website’s Content

Armed with your keywords you can start incorporating them into your website’s content. Don’t overdo it though or the search engines will think that you’re spamming and not list your website at all. Instead, make sure that you include your keywords naturally in your content so they’ll flow seamlessly within your sentences. Make sure you also use them in your page titles, headings, and meta tags.

These keywords will also help you choose content for things like blog posts. For instance, if you’ve chosen to work with the keyword phrase “Clearwater FL DUI attorney” some of the topics you may wish to create content for include:

  • Should a first time offender get a Clearwater FL DUI attorney?
  • Will a Clearwater FL DUI attorney be able to get you out of jail?
  • How’s a Clearwater FL DUI attorney able to get your case dismissed?


Creating valuable content that includes keywords that are appropriate for your website will help you to easily optimize it better. Of course, you shouldn’t expect your rankings to increase overnight. In fact, it may take over a year to see any type of increase here. However, if you work to steadily increase your website’s value, you’ll improve your law firm SEO and gain traction in the search engines. This will then help you to start being noticed by potential clients.

It’s important to remember that keywords are the backbone for your law firm SEO. Choose the ones you believe will work best for you then make revisions along the way. If you’re still struggling here though, simply reach out to the Affordable SEO Company and leave it in their more than capable hands.

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