How Twitter Affects Your SEO

How Twitter Affects Your SEOHave you ever wondered how Twitter affects your SEO for your website? Of if it even does at all? Surely you believe it would have to since everyone knows that social media sites are great for SEO. Here we will discuss just how Twitter can affect your SEO.

Twitter, just as Facebook and LinkedIn, is a very popular social media platform that many use on a daily or weekly basis. Through this social media site, you can not only find new customers, but you can also engage with them as well.

Some may believe that there is not any impact on a site if they are mentioned in a Twitter post. However, this is not the case. Twitter and SEO have a direct connection in the fact that with Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, your website is made more visible to others. And everyone can piece together that the more visible you are online, the better off your website will be.

Did you know that if you have optimized tweets, they will show up in Google? Through tweeting, you will also be updating your Twitter account, which means your brand will show up on the first page of a search engine.

Another astonishing fact is that 85% of individuals have checked out a company’s profile page on social media sites instead of their websites.

Still not convinced that using Twitter for SEO is right for you? Consider this fact. Twitter has 330 million users that are all active. This makes it an excellent choice to interact with your customers and grow your brand. And there are so many things that you can do with your Twitter account to make SEO on your website that much better. These things include:

  • Linking your Twitter page to your website. This is an amazing way to get more to your site. And if you make your tweet that much more interesting, people will be bound to click through to your website to learn more.
  • Your followers can retweet your content. This often happens when they really like something that they have read, or they find it interesting enough to share. Furthermore, retweeting can be considered a backlink as long as an authorized account does it. This means you help your website grow even faster.
  • Use images in your tweets. We almost all find visual content more appealing and engaging. Plus the images will stand out on your visitors page. And if the image is interesting enough, people will want to stop to see what it is all about.
  • Feel free to use GIFs and videos in your posts as well. This will make others stop to see what all the hype is about on your page!

If you want to increase your website traffic, have larger conversion rates, or boost your leads, consider hiring a company, such as Affordable SEO Company. This business can not only help your website with social media platforms and SEO, but they can make your business soar to a new level.

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