The Importance Of Law Firm SEO

The Importance Of Law Firm SEOSEO is a practice that should always be performed for any business, large or small. It does not matter if it is a hair salon, a clothing boutique, a dentist’s office, or an attorney’s office. Through this, one can easily improve their chances of being seen by others, as one can rank higher on the search engines. Here we will look at the importance of law firm SEO.

Big companies use algorithms all the time to help them stay on top of Bing, Google, and Yahoo, as well as other search engines. They can do this as they have a very strong SEO team on their side working for them. It is crucial for an attorney to do law firm SEO as this will help them land on the first page of the search engines. When a law firm is ranked on the first page, most will see them as being very reliable and highly credible. If your firm is currently not on the first page of the search engines, it may be hard for people to find you. People tend to go with what they believe to be credible and trustworthy, and are naturally inclined to pick those that are on the first page. Add this to people being busy and not wanting to click through to the next page of results.

Law firm SEO can be done by any attorney. It makes a huge difference as 96% of people today use the internet to find a lawyer. Rarely do people turn to the yellow pages anymore. And billboards are hit-and-miss. People most likely are not going to remember seeing your name, much less remember anything else about your firm.

Out of those 96% of people, 87% of them will contact an attorney. And 72% of them will only call one attorney. This is why law firm SEO is crucial. The more people that see your website, the more likely you will have potential customers. The following are ways law firm SEO can help your firm.

  • Confirm your position- The first step in lawyer SEO is to confirm your position on the search engines. You want to rank as close to number 1 as you can. The number 1 spot, and those that are closest to it will always be seen as the ones that are the most professional, trustworthy, and most reliable. There are a variety of lawyer SEO tactics that can be used to make sure you are as close to number 1 as possible.
  • Traffic Aimed at Website- Those that go to a website know what they want or expect to see. You can easily target your traffic by using keywords specific towards your field. Any relevant traffic will always be better than irrelevant traffic.
  • Clients- Prospective clients will begin to contact you the higher you rank which will lead to a higher chance of paying clients.

Law firm SEO can really help a lawyer’s office reach out to potential clients to gain their attention. If you need assistance with this, consider calling Affordable SEO Company to help you get started today.

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