The Best Law Firm SEO Strategies

The Best Law Firm SEO StrategiesIf your law firm is looking for new clients, turn to Google. Here, you will be able to market your firm with some of the best law firm SEO strategies. Understanding that the competition for an attorney is steep is one thing, but knowing that you can turn to Google for assistance to find potential clients makes it a lot easier.

Here we have compiled six quick techniques that are the best law firm SEO strategies around.

  1. Understand and fully know what SEO is. There is a difference in knowing what it stands for and how it works. Basically, you are taking your content of your website and giving it to Google for them to understand. You need to be sure that each and every page is relevant to your site, and is clear and concise.
  2. You can also take into consideration that there are about 200 factors that can help a site rank. Yes, that is a lot to consider. However, one very easy solution for one of these factors is to make sure that you have optimized on-page SEO with page titles, headers, and descriptions.
  3. Make a list of keywords for your law firm. Be sure they are relevant. Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is good to use. You will want to split up your keywords in location based and practice type keywords. Examples of location based would be lawyers in Miami, attorneys-at-law in Tampa, or law firm in Clearwater, Florida. Examples of practice type keywords would be DUI attorney, worker’s compensation law firm, or medical malpractice attorney-at-law. Hybrid long tail keywords can also be used, which combine the keywords from above. Therefore, you may have DUI attorney in Miami, car accident lawyer in Kissimmee, or child support attorney-at-law in Clearwater, Florida.
  4. Confirm your list. Then expand it. Decide what keywords you will use and then expand upon those. Therefore, it could look like this:

Law Firm in Miami Florida with various practice areas

Homepage: target Miami Law firm keywords

Areas of practice page: one page dedicated to linking all major practice areas together

  • Child Support Lawyer in Miami
  • Divorce Lawyer in Miami
  • Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Miami
  • Etc.

While reviewing all this information, take notice of what your competition is doing. This is an excellent time to see if they are using a website like yours, what keywords they are ranking with, and more. It will either show you how much hard work you put into your best law firm SEO or how much more work you need to do.

  1. Improve your site with a plan. The best law firm SEO has a plan. Should you have an existing website, it may just need a few tweaks. If you do not have a site, you can build one or have an agency do it for you.
  2. Start working on your law firm SEO plans. These results may take a while to see. Some could see results in as little as a few months, while others were extremely luck and saw results in only a few weeks. Everyone is different when it comes to how long it takes to see the results. Just keep pursuing your goals and you will get there.

If you are wanting to build the best law firm ever, you need excellent law firm SEO strategies. If you are uncertain how to execute the above, or are simply just too busy in your career, consider contacting a professional, such as Affordable SEO Company. This company can assist your law firm in making the right decisions for your firm so you remain on top of your searches.

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