Common SEO Mistakes And Ways To Rectify Them

Common SEO MistakesThe use of newer automated tools is making website automation for search engines easier than ever before. However, several common SEO mistakes are overlooked by the SEO services managing the various technologies as they seek to make sure that they are delivering the required results and boosting the SERP ranking of different businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you have a team of specialists working on the website optimization strategies for owning certain phrases and terms or you have hired professional SEO services tag-teaming to draw traffic to the website. Be aware of the common SEO mistakes that can get your website into trouble.

1. Dead pages and broken links: One of the more common SEO mistakes that you come across is having dead pages and broken links on your website. If you are a website owner, you need to review your pages regularly and make sure that all the links existing on the website are updated and the dead pages are de-indexed and removed. If it is not done you are risking a negative impact on the Google ranking together with a bad user experience.

2. Craft your content around the keywords rather than another way around: Several copywriters that are aware of the SEO practices start to develop their content marketing pieces by using SEO keywords that have to be included in the content and make a beginning from there. For performing effective content marketing, you need to go the other way around. Make a beginning with content ideas that are driven by answers to the question, “What are the problems faced by my audience that I can address?” Then you can go for SEO.

3. Avoiding action to increase slow loading time: One of the common problems faced by SEO services is slow loading time. However, it is easy to fix the issue in most cases. More and more sites are managed by people having less formal training. It can affect the efficiency of the website especially when they are uploading images that are too big. Photoshop and other similar image design software offer simple ways of saving for the web and it can reduce the site size significantly as well. This can lead to a reduction in load time.

4. Content creation before SEO research: It is a common and inaccurate belief that SEO factors are to be considered after you have completed the content creation. The reality is exactly the opposite of this. You need to complete SEO research as a first step for understanding the audience’s requirements and motivations. Then you can analyze the search results for understanding who is winning and the reasons behind it. It is only after this that you can develop competitive content.

5. Ignoring technical SEO considerations and user experience: Search engines are gradually becoming more concerned about the user experience of your site. If your site is suffering from poor loading speed and a terrible user experience, this technical SEO mistake is going to hinder your site’s ranking. All these considerations quickly become more crucial for the success of your SEO campaign. Ensure that the site you are optimizing is technically sound and has excellent speed and page ranking scores.

6. Over-optimization to improve keyword density: Over-optimization of websites by using keyword stuffing used to work a few years back but not now. Google will punish you for it. It is tedious to fix but not impossible. Just go through all your content and look for ways to rewrite all the content naturally. Rather than trying to hit a certain keyword density, you need to concentrate on making sense of your content. For a 2000 word post, the keyword must not appear for more than six instances.

7. Poor internal linking: Google always looks for certain cues from your site such as how the blog posts, pages, and other content links with one another for deciding what pages are more significant and for what keywords and topics they are most relevant. Fixing this is simple. Go through the website and if there is something on a post or a page that relates to other pieces of content on the website you must link it.

When you are taking into consideration SEO, it is always a good idea to concentrate on delivering top-quality content and raising user engagement. Although many of the SEO mistakes can be a result of human errors, it is always a good idea to take a website audit that will ensure that your website is in excellent health. If your business operates in Tampa Bay, FL area, and if you are looking to learn the best SEO practices for getting your website on top of the ranking page, get in touch with Affordable SEO Company Tampa. They can help you in all the important digital marketing areas.

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