How Often Should You Be Redesigning Website?

Great plan to redesign a websiteIf you are reading this, you must evaluate your website and think if it’s according to the latest standards. However, a plan to redesign a website isn’t something companies would always like to invest in. But sometimes, it becomes a necessity than a choice. If your website has aged or isn’t performing as it should be, it’s time to revamp the overall design.

You might be wondering how often you should consider redesigning the website. The answer to this depends on several factors. Let’s look at some common ones below.

Time Factor

Time is money, and as a standard rule, everything or design has a shelf life. Usually, the period for any brand to consider the option of redesigning is between 18 to 30 months. However, it isn’t a thumb rule that is compulsory to implement. Some websites might not need a complete redesign, while some might only need a couple of changes to give them a refreshed look. While investing in a redesign over a period might just be a number, it’s good to think about redesigning your website as much as possible.

Tackling an Issue By Redesigning

In most cases, the primary factor requiring a redesigned website is mainly to solve issues that might be existing, such as SEO errors. In the case of some organizations, a decline in sales might be a reason or a drop in search engine rankings can be another reason. Smart redesigning becomes essential in all such cases. When designing a renewed website, you should discuss the challenges you would like to overcome with the designing team. If you aim to drive leads to a particular page or you would like to sell your products online, you will have to identify the needs or demands of your users.

It will help provide the right products or services in the shortest time possible. If you want to improve your visibility or increase traffic to your website, you should include pages and content that need optimization for search engines or SEO.

Appears Dated

One of the most important reasons you should consider redesigning a website is its appearance. If it appears dated, you should strongly consider redesigning it. Your website is home to your business, and people see it as your virtual office before purchasing or booking a service. First impressions that appeal to them can make or break your sales possibility.

Think like a customer and compare with other websites to evaluate if it appears modern and engaging. Is it capable of delivering the required product, support, or service? If it doesn’t tick the right areas, there is something you should be concerned about. Using traffic counters or flashy banners is a strict no these days. If you have such elements featured on the website, redesigning is necessary.

Investing in redesigning a website is precisely like renovating your house before the sale. If the kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have the freshness or the fixtures appear dated, your buyers would be turned off immediately. Hence, in the same way, if the site looks aged in comparison to the current trends or designs, your customers might not prefer buying or using a service from your website.

Similarly, as not every renovation project guarantees a sale, upgrading each aspect of your website isn’t needed. Changes to the homepage and primary pages on your website might be all you need to do for revamping it and giving freshness.

Doesn’t Work Correctly

If a website is performing well, it is an indication that you have to invest in revamping the look and feel. Being subjective, this can be done in several forms and manifested in multiple ways. For instance, if a website features high-quality content that is decades old and limited to certain pages, it isn’t a practical design. Additionally, if a website has several links that point to nowhere or show errors, you have to review them and fix such links immediately.

You have to think like a customer and evaluate if the website is working correctly. Does it serve as an information resource to the visitors? Are they able to find you easily? Can you easily make changes or updates to the product information, inventory, or service features? Does it adhere to the changing SEO standards? In case your answer is no, redesign the website immediately.

Prepare For The Future

Irrespective of what drives you to redesign your website, you must ensure that the website is future-ready. This will help in getting the most on your investment. For this, you need to tick all the right corners for “Seven Ss” of a website redesign. They are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Easy to access products and connect with customers
  3. Simple to manage, update and make changes
  4. Has a comprehensive and automated order management system
  5. Loads quickly and scores high on most page speed tests online
  6. Scalable and responsive
  7. Is it well connected to social media profiles?

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