Why You Should Target Long-Tail Keywords For SEO

Now is the time to come up with a long-tail keyword plan if you don’t have oneRemember when a single-word keyword was good for SEO? Nowadays, it is all about the long-tail keyword! These keywords play an important part in any search engine optimization plan. These phrases can provide you with many potential customers, and help your business grow.

Now is the time to come up with a long-tail keyword plan if you don’t have one. It is simple to research these clusters of words, and once you have lower match keywords selected that have a heightened conversion percentage, you can utilize that information within your website. The content you place on your website can be keyword-rich to draw in customers that may not have found your site without these words.

When a person searches on the internet, they utilize long-tail keywords to discover what they are looking for. They are highly targeted and should provide the user with the best experience in finding what they are looking for. They are called long-tail as if you view the search figures, those phrases would be located at the very end of what is being searched for by the searcher. This means that only a few will be exploring these items or services.

Let’s take a look at an instance. One wants to find a lipstick that suits their needs. Instead of just typing in lipstick, which would give you a high volume of searches, you decide that you want matte lipstick. This phrase is what you demand, but you will still have a lot of searches. By adding the brand name Happy Go Lucky matte lipstick, a long-tail keyword is created that has an inferior tracking magnitude.

You may be thinking, but if there is a lower search volume, won’t it be harder to rank? The opposite is true instead. Low search volume keywords and phrases will rank higher many times and have higher conversions than a generic keyword.

This is why it is crucial to understand the search intent of your visitors. Now you will be able to write content that serves your viewers well to address what they are searching for.

Consider this. An individual that is searching for lipstick may just be seeing what is all out there for types or colors. Perhaps they do not even intend to buy anything. But when a person types in long-tail keywords, such as Happy Go Lucky matte lipstick, they have an intent to buy it.

Let’s delve into long-tail keywords and why they are so important to use. Backlinko analyzed 306 million keywords, finding that 91.8% of them were long-tail. Just think about if all of those searches were new leads waiting for you!

Taking a closer look at why you would want to target these long-tail keywords for SEO, we find that there is lower competition. They will be low in search volume because they are specific to your services or products. They can rank well for not a lot of work.

And let’s not forget higher conversions. You will be able to see what the user’s intent is, so you can get those leads that will assist with your marketing strategy.

Voice search is huge as well. Did you know that 55% of millennials use voice search every day? With the pandemic going on, 32% of individuals also want a hands-free option, so they are not having contamination.

By using voice search, you can ask questions, such as “Where is the best place to kennel a dog within 50 miles?”. The users may also use clear commands, such as “Compare the cost of canned cat food from Petco and Chewy”.

By looking at voice search, you may predict what your visitors will want to look for. This allows you to serve them better by focusing on other long-tail keywords that will lead them to your company.

Long-tail keywords have proven to be successful for SEO. By producing robust content, one could claim a higher spot on the SERPs as there will be lowered competition and higher conversions. Should you need help with SEO, keywords, or content, contact Affordable SEO Company in Tampa, FL today.

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