Image SEO: How Can You Improve Your Visual Search Strategy?

Image SEOImage SEO: How Can You Improve Your Visual Search Strategy? can be a huge factor in increasing website traffic. In this article, we’ll be going over a presentation on the subject by Gianluca Fiorelli, an SEO and digital marketing consultant, given at a recent e-summit. Keep reading to find out his best tips on optimizing images to generate organic results.

Fiorelli heavily emphasized the importance of visuals in the modern digital marketing landscape. However, the industry has a tendency to view the concept as an add-on rather than an essential part of SEO. In his presentation, he proceeded to go over a variety of tactics that could be used to optimize your visual marketing and generate more organic traffic to your page. He put an extra emphasis on using visual tools like Images Search, Photo and Assistant, as well as Google Lens.

Natural Searching and Visual Marketing

Visuals are one of the primary forms of human communication, which makes is a crucial aspect of search results. In short, images are what many consumers will naturally use when deciding what to click on. Major players in the tech industry have picked up on this and used SEO for images in their marketing strategies. Amazon in particular has been able to use images in a couple of different ways. First, when a potential customer isn’t sure what they want but can picture a general idea. And second, when a customer knows the name of the product they want, but not what it will look like. Putting an image to the name is more likely to result in a purchase.

Visual searches are not without challenges, however. The primary issue is that images are harder for a machine to recognize than voice. According to Clay Baver, a VP at Google, “the problem of search in vision is just vastly larger than what we’ve seen with text or even with voice.” Basically, there are far fewer limitations on a visual search. When designing a voice recognition system, you only have to train to recognize the 5,000 or so most common words, for English anyway, in order for it to be effective. For a visual search, the scope is much broader.

The increase in popularity of social media like Instagram, however, has led to an advancement in technology for image recognition. Especially among young people, visual searches have been proven to now be an integral part of the modern digital landscape, and technology has been steadily advancing to fill the gap.

Who is Using Visual Search?

Like we said earlier, social media companies have already invested in SEO for images, but other heavy hitters have been fashion brands and e-commerce sites. Major companies in almost every market have all started using visual search strategies in order to increase accuracy and relevance.

Smaller brands shouldn’t feel intimidated, however. Images can be optimized for everyone and if you’re looking into it for your company, there are a number of tools available online, as well as professional consultants.

Identifying Image Search Opportunities

The best way to see if your visual search strategy is falling short is to use one of the many tracker tools available to track your results. Analytical tools like these will help you understand what changes to make for more effective image SEO.

However, the technical aspects of this can be confusing for the unprepared business owner. In this situation, it may be best to reach out to an expert in the field. To avoid any confusion, and still reach the best possible audience with SEO for images, visit Affordable SEO Company for expert advice on optimizing your search results in the Tampa and Clearwater, FL areas.

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