Why Keyword Research Is Important To SEO

How to do keyword researchWhen devising an SEO plan, keyword research is one thing that you should never leave out. Keyword research and SEO go hand in hand. Without one other, your devised strategy is bound to fail.

Keywords are words or phrases that internet searchers use to find the information they desire. These words can be short or long. Both short and long keywords can increase a site’s visibility. Instances of keywords are high-protein canned cat food or [brand] stiletto heels.

Since keywords are what probable consumers are utilizing to look for your business, then keyword research is needed on your part for your search engine optimization plan. This investigation of correct words to use will allow the brand to hone in on who its audience is. Individuals will not be able to find you if you are not using these terms to your full advantage.

Those terms will also be used by search engines such as Google to help rank your website.

So, exactly why is it crucial to do an analysis of keywords for your company? Well, there are a plethora of reasons why. First off, when you have keywords, your business will have a clear idea of what it needs to focus on. You need to know exactly what you are selling, whether that be products or services.

Furthermore, when you perform research on these terms, you will see how you can rank for these words, as well as what your competition is using for keywords, and more importantly, ranking for.

Another great thing about research is that you can see exactly what your prospective consumers are scouring for, not what you believe they are looking for.

Google and other search engines will require you to know what you are rating. Once they have this information, they will be able to look at other pages of your website where keywords are targeted and rank those pages for you.

And, if you incorporate keywords in your blog posts, you can drive more individuals to your page.

Still not certain about keywords and how to find the best ones? There are tools that can help you analyze which ones will be the best for your site. These include:

  • KWFinder is a free tool that helps you see the top-ranking websites once you have inputted a word. It will also tell you how easy the word is to rank and provide other suggestions on words to use.
  • Moz Keyword Research offers both a paid and a free version available, Moz allows you to see not only what your competition is ranking for, but also how you are doing on ranked words and where you may be able to improve.
  • Google Keywords Planner is a great tool to use that can be accessed once an AdWords account is created. A payment method will need to be linked before using this tool. This planner is refreshed daily and is based on the previous 7 to 10 days.

When you start off with an SEO plan, researching keywords will seem like an ongoing process. This is true, and you should be checking to make sure the words you are using are being ranked. Once you have been checking these words on a regular basis, it will become second nature to you.

Once you have keywords in place, you can begin to write content and concentrate on the pages of your site. Using other SEO strategies along with this will assist in ranking your site higher. If you’re struggling with finding the right words through your research, or need assistance with SEO in general, contact Affordable SEO Company Port Richey today.

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