7 Video Marketing Strategies That Can Help Grow Your Business Fast

7 Video Marketing Strategie will help to grow your businessCreating valuable content about your business gives you an upper hand against your competitors. This year, all the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are focused on video marketing strategies. And if you think it’s going to slow down, then you are wrong. Well, if you find it hard to come up with creative content worth to share, here are 7 video marketing strategies that can help grow your business fast.

1. Create announcements
No matter the size of your business, the year 2018 is a must for every business to make regular communication on social media. Given that social media is a daily visit for every user, your business needs a social network account as a way of engagement with the users. Ensure that customers and potential clients interact with the platform by sharing quality announcements. If you are not sure what you can share on the social media, here are suggestions for you:
• Create announcements about special events.
• Make advertisement for special promotions.
• Share new products or new features.

2. Demonstrate your leadership
Develop videos that tell about new updates in the industry to demonstrate your expertise. For example, Buffer releases new videos describing latest updates about Facebook. These videos have made Buffer unique from the other services since everyone visits Buffer to learn some of the improvements done on Facebook.

3. Share an Overview of your Company
When it comes to marketing your business using video, displaying a short video to your audience telling them why your brand is the best or how it’s unique is very significant. A video highlighting the strengths of your business can help you stand out from the rest of other industry with similar services or products. By creating a video to show the uniqueness of your business improves brand awareness faster than using written content or images. Video posts provide 135% organic reach compared to photo posts.

4. Create how-to videos for your audience
If you were looking for an efficient video strategy in 2018, then the how-to video is the right idea. These kinds of videos provide value to your potential clients and customers while still showcasing your product. Here are things to include in the videos:
• Show your audience how to use your product.
• Offer tips about your service or product.

5. Stay up to date with the seasonal video
Even though consumer holidays are a great chance for networking, there is no need to limit yourself to them alone. You must understand that sharing content every day is an essential factor of increasing your followers, growing interaction and also conversions. Social holidays are an excellent opportunity for your company to interact with your audience. It’s the time to stay on top of the customer feed.
• Make use of trending hashtags or events and include them in your seasonal vide.
• Take advantage of popular holidays on social networks. Develop promos around selfie day or friendship day.

6. Build trust with customer testimonials
If your customers speak good about your products, take advantage of their reviews by sharing them in a video. Reviews from customers are always great evidence for convincing new customers. It’s a valuable form of marketing that pays a lot to businesses. Here are several ways to share customer testimonials:
• Have screenshots of Google or Yelp reviews talking about your business
• Share some short quotes from your customers

7. Build credibility using Q&As
According to a HubSpot survey, 43% of customers prefer videos to static content, and that preferably includes the way you respond to customer questions on social media. Videos propel your business forward in offering helpful customer service and making your brand gain relevance through regular communication.

With the leading social networks taking advantage of video, it’s vital for you to enhance your business in 2018. And by using these effective video marketing strategies outlined above, you can be sure of getting more visitors. Don’t wait, start using the tools at hand today and expand your business.