Creating a Successful SEO Strategy

How to Create an SEO StrategySEO was once king of the internet. Every company was searching for the latest and greatest solutions here to help them reach the top of Google’s organic search rankings. Many times this included unethical or “black hat” marketing. However, since then Google has improved its algorithmic process and punished companies who abused its system. This meant that once-stellar rankings fell straight into the gutter because there wasn’t any real substantive content or genuine links pointing to their website. When this happens it’s a real fight to recover.

Today, SEO is alive and well even though it’s still a dirty word to a lot of people. Nevertheless, it’s thriving by using responsive website development, reputation management and meaningful content distribution.

Responsive Website Development

Responsive website design is vital to a good user experience since most people use their smartphone to do most of their searches today. When a website doesn’t work well there, users will quickly leave the site and find a website that does. Google takes this into consideration when analyzing your SEO today. As such, if you have a high bounce rate you’ll lose your rankings and be removed from Google’s first page. This is why, as a small business owner, you always want to receive feedback from your customers. When they tell you that you have a confusing or unpleasant mobile website it’s important that you fix it immediately.

Reputation Management

It’s nothing new to hear that having a good reputation is important. What’s new is hearing that this is also true online. You can check up on your reputation by looking at any online reviews that are written about your company. These also play a significant role in your local SEO rankings. When you have more high-quality reviews you’ll outrank companies that have fewer or no reviews at all. This is because Google assumes that consumers would prefer to work with highly rated businesses. So, if you find that your company’s website isn’t ranking well, you really should take a look at your reviews. If you don’t have any, make sure it’s easy for your customers to write and leave them for you.

Meaningful Content Distribution

Quality content distribution including blogs, social media posts, videos and newsletters all play an important role in SEO today. Producing meaningful content that’s designed to truly inform and bring value to your website’s users will enhance your website’s rankings. This is something that you should be laser-focused on creating today. Not only so, but you also need to share such content on multiple platforms today.

Winning the SERPs “Game”

All of these things make a huge difference in where you land in the SERPs today. They also require a lot of patience. However, it’s worth it since 40% of all e-commerce sales start at a search engine. Most of these people only look at the first three organic search results when they’re looking for something online. This is where you want your business to be listed since such a listing will even outperform PPC campaigns today.

Creating a digital marketing team who can get you these results is important. Since this team will be responsible for a multistep process, it’s usually best to hire a company who can handle it all for you. Affordable SEO Company has over 20 years of experience doing this. We’ve watched as times have changed and companies have struggled to reclaim their place in the SERPs. Many of these companies have turned to us for help implementing tried-and-true methods and properly cultivating results. Isn’t it time for you to stop thinking of SEO as a bad word and give us a call instead?