How Can You Earn Links For Your Content Easily

SEO Strategies to Earn High Quality Links for Your ContentYes, we’re in 2018 and content is still king. And it can help you earn some pretty amazing inbound links, which are a vital part of any long-term SEO strategy. Of course, this requires some work, but you shouldn’t be scared at all because the overall idea is simple: offer quality and you’ll get precious links.
Let’s talk about how you can actually obtain links, as well as noticeable amounts of traffic through content marketing!

Put some research into your content and deliver value

This should be a motto for anybody who wants to integrate content in an SEO strategy. As long as you’re researching properly before starting to write, you will eventually be able to provide information your readers haven’t seen before. And you know what happens when people come across something they’ve never seen before? They share it!
Whether it’s on their personal blogs, through a mention of your article, or on social media, every mention of your website matters. If you manage to get a dofollow link to your website as well, you’re definitely on the right path.

Create something viral

Yes, I know, it’s easier to say this than to actually do it. But the beauty of viral content is that you actually can’t guarantee that it goes viral. It’s a mix of research, examining the latest trends and a bit of luck.
If you want to create a piece like this as a part of your link building strategy, choose a topic that has everything: it’s intriguing, emotionally striking, unique and entertaining. Make sure that it hasn’t been treated that much until now, and has the potential of starting big amounts of discussions. Add your personal note, share it on social media, then keep your fingers crossed. It’s enough for 10 people to share your content at first and you’re on your way to going viral.

Contact influencers

Over the past years, some people managed to create audiences of thousands of people, becoming what we like to call influencers. By working with them, you’re actually taking a shortcut on your way to obtaining links through content.
When it comes to working with them, you have various options: producing an article together, interview them or directly asking them to promote your content on their websites and social media profiles. Be warned, though: in most cases, this will cost a bit.

Create some controversy

Ever wondered how those tabloid websites, that write about celebrities all day long, get so many links and traffic? They talk about some of the most controversial topics. Even though they’re not the best example to follow, this tactic is actually a great one for an SEO strategy, not to mention it can help your link building efforts.

No matter the nice of your website, try writing about a topic some people avoid. For example, if you’re writing about medicine, talk about vaccines and the people who are totally against them.

In most cases, controversy works since it attracts attention: people will react to the article and if it’s good enough, it will be cited and shared a lot. And this means some serious links for you. Careful though, as you don’t want to go into fake news territory, just for the sake of controversy!
Creating good content which attracts links can be hard, but the results make it worth it. If you want a great SEO strategy, with a focus on building links through content, Affordable SEO is here to help. Whether you are a start-up and want to make a name for yourself or an already reputed company, our team of professionals will take your business to the next level.