What you Need to Know About Video Marketing

Everything You Need To Know About Video MarketingVideo marketing is a strategy you can’t afford to ignore today. Your customers are demanding its convenience. It’s understandable that you may not know where to start though.

How Videos Benefit Your Marketing

Videos are both convenient and efficient for your website’s visitors, but it also gives you a versatile and attractive way to share valuable information. Doing so will increase your marketing’s effectiveness by 600%. This is because 75 million people in the U.S. alone watch videos daily. You can use this to your advantage by creating videos that help your customers better understand your products and services. Of those companies that have chosen to do this, 76% have seen an increase in their traffic and sales. This number will continue to grow. In fact, experts believe that by 2019 80% of people online will be there to watch videos. This alone should be enough proof that you can’t ignore video marketing.

Deciding What Type of Videos to Create

There are many forms of video content you can create today, including:

  • Social media for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Reality
  • Snapchat

Which of these strategies will work for your brand will depend on your creativity and what type of audience you’re attempting to reach. You’ll also need to know where your target audience is found. Additionally, you need to consider your message. For instance, short videos are great for platforms like Twitter and Facebook while longer videos do better on YouTube.

Creating a Budget for Your Video Marketing

There are two ways to produce video content:

  • In-house video creation gives you more control over your content, but it may cost you a lot of money and time – especially in the beginning when you still have a lot to learn.
  • Hiring a professional video creator to do it for you will save you both time and effort because you’ll immediately receive a professional-looking video. While you may think this is costly, if you consider how much you’ll save in lost productivity hours, you’ll see this is a very viable option – especially for beginners.

Keeping SEO in Mind Throughout the Video Marketing Process

Search engine optimization is an integral part of all your marketing efforts. This is why you need to optimize every part of your web site so search engines can crawl it – including your video content.

Distributing Your Videos

An important part of your video marketing strategy lies in distributing your videos – deciding where and how you want them to appear online. Some questions you should consider here include:

  • Should I share this content on social media?
  • What channel will give me the best return on investment?
  • How much time and effort will it require?
  • Where’s my target audience hang out?
  • What type of information does my video convey?

Social media is more fluid, making it easier to find specific groups of people. Facebook lets you specify things like age and region which allows you to gain more traffic and grow your audience in this area. On the other hand, LinkedIn is great for anything business related. Regardless of the channel you choose, taking the time to find the right one will maximize your efforts.

Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Although listed last, this is something you don’t want to overlook. This will give you insight about the progress of your video marketing efforts like whether your approach is working or there are things you should change about it and what campaigns are worth your time.

Video has a significant impact on your marketing today because people want easy, fast access to information. If you need help taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool, contact us at Affordable SEO Company . We can help you create video content so you can start reaping its advantages soon.

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