Useful SEO Insights Taught by Google Analytics

Useful SEO Insights Taught by Google AnalyticsThere are many ways you can optimize your website’s performance. However, Google Analytics says that these are the best way to improve its SEO.

Custom Segments

This has been one of Google Analytics’ key features for quite some time. It lets you see traffic by channel, know which of your visitors met your goals, and understand your visitors’ demographics. You can set it up based on length of time spent on your site, visits to specific pages, and visits from specific locations to name a few. All this will help you learn more about how your visitors are engaging with your site.


Undoubtedly, mobile traffic is continually growing more important today. You can’t monitor it as a whole though. Instead, you must monitor your mobile visitors’ engagement levels in one of the following ways:

  • Look at how many mobile conversions each page has had
  • Monitor your mobile bounce rate and fix any pages whose rate is high
  • Compare your mobile bounce rates to your desktop bounce rates for each page to find differences in users’ experiences

Site Search

Having a search bar on your website is a great way to learn about what your visitors are looking for and how many people are searching for the same thing. You may even learn that you need to fix your website’s navigation. Of course, you can also get content ideas from here. Simply turn frequently searched for terms into featured content. Doing so will not only benefit your users but it will also bring in more traffic from other people who are also looking for this same type of content. This is also true if you notice that your visitors are searching for specific products or services you don’t currently offer. By creating these products or services you can start to improve your bottom line.

Bounce Rates

Your website’s bounce rate is defined as the percentage of people who leave your website after having only visited a single page. Remember, a high bounce rate doesn’t necessarily mean your visitors had a bad experience. It could simply mean they haven’t found what they’d hoped to find on your site. This is especially true when you rank highly for a really long-tail, niche keyword but don’t have content to back it up with. This will definitely have a negative impact on your SEO, which is why you must pay attention to your website’s bounce rate. In fact, you should assess it quarterly to see if it’s increased or decreased. A significant increase typically means you need to update something on your website.


When you look at your website’s conversions, you’ll be able to locate your top performing pages. Understanding how each of your pages performs and converts will give you a lot of insight into your website overall. For instance, you’ll be able to notice when and if there are any negative trends occurring on each of your individual web pages. When you see that a noticeable decline has taken place on a specific page, you can pretty much rest assured that it’s a problem that’s isolated to that individual page itself. On the other hand, when a negative decrease occurs across several of your web pages, there are probably some technical issues that you’ll need to work through.


These are just some of the many ways Google Analytics can help you improve your website. The Affordable SEO Company is knowledgeable about all of these and more. Let them help you use this tool to its full potential so your business can be even more successful than it is today.

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