Tips For Starting A Blog

Tips For Starting A BlogIf you want to start a blog, you should go for it. Blogging isn’t only a lot of fun, but it’s also great for marketing and SEO. By taking the time to consider how you want to set your blog up in the beginning you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of work later on. This is why there are certain steps you should take when you want to start a new blog.

Choose Your Niche

It’s a good idea to write about what you know but you don’t want to write about everything you know. You want to pick a niche. Once you’ve chosen your main topic you should write posts that are related to it. This increases the likelihood of your visitors returning to read more of your content because they know what to expect. Of course, you can occasionally write about something that’s slightly off-topic but does not go too far astray.

Conduct Keyword Research for SEO

Your goal is to find topics that people are looking for. Figure out what words they’re using to search for these topics. By conducting some proper keyword research you’ll end up with a long list of these things. Make sure that your list contains both competitive keywords and less competitive long-tail keywords.

Consider Your Site’s Structure

Since you’re starting with a clean slate, now is the best time to give some thought to your site’s structure. You’ll want to think about popular keywords and categories that you can write long articles for. This will be your site’s cornerstone content so it should have a prominent place. Afterward, you’ll want to write a lot of blog posts on subtopics so Google will know what’s most important on your website.

Write Your First Post

Your blog starts with the first post you write. You don’t need to be perfect here but you do need to be published.

Add Pictures and Videos

For a blog post to be successful it needs pictures and videos too. You should include at least one image per post. Taking your own photos will work best here.

Optimize for the Search Engines

Before you publish your blog post you should use Yoast SEO to optimize it. This is a WordPress plugin that will help you create a great title and snippet for SEO. Also, make sure that you fine-tune your text, make sure that your text is easy to read, and that your entire post is SEO friendly.

Promote Your Blog

Social media really is the best way to reach out and grow your blog. This is why you should have a Facebook page for your blog. Sharing posts here is great for marketing. Both Instagram and Twitter also play a key role.

It’s also a good idea to create a digital newsletter for which your readers can sign up. Once you’ve created a new blog post send out a message letting your subscribers know there’s something new available for them to read. You can also share other content with them in this way.

Stay Committed

Besides setting up your new blog, one of the most important things for you to do is write blog posts. Doing so is the key to your blog’s success. This is why you should determine how frequently you’ll publish new posts. This doesn’t have to be something you do daily, but weekly or biweekly is often a nice frequency to start with. Whatever you decide, this should be something you can commit to. Your audience wants to know what to expect and when to expect it.

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