Geofencing With Facebook, Google, And Instagram

Geofencing With Facebook, Google, And InstagramGeofencing is a term used while using RFID or GPS technology for the creation of virtual geographic boundaries. It enables the software to trigger a response if any mobile device enters or exits a specific area. In terms of advertising, it is the targeted advertising for the users in a particular geographical area. Geofencing permits businesses to access a hyper-specific audience. The geofencing concept has been around for several years now however, with the advent of mobile devices these capabilities also have expanded quickly. Let’s check out some of the concepts you can implement using these famous platforms.

Geofencing advertisements for Google

It is easy to set up geofencing advertising for Google Ads. To make it possible, select a campaign and then visit the Settings page. You may select from a range of geo-targeting alternatives such as Zip Code, State, Country, DMA, Radius, Metro, and City. It is possible to set up the Google Ads geofencing for the advertisements appearing on SERPs, display, and YouTube. For targeting a specific location just manually enter the location. Google will display all users currently within the location depending on the criteria you have specified. It is significant to note that you may apply more levels of targeting to become even more specific. You can opt for Radius or Location options also. Radius allows you to target the audience within a specific area in a more customized fashion. You can select a mile or kilometer as the parameter for the radius.

Geofencing advertising for Instagram and Facebook

Facebook has gradually become an incredibly significant platform for various businesses. It has more than a billion users and it provides endless opportunities for tapping the targeted audience by using paid advertisements and bringing in the clientele for growing the business. Facebook uses a pretty simple and straightforward interface for carrying out advertisement campaigns. For setting up geofencing for the Facebook ads you need to create a standard marketing campaign first and then go for the Audiences section from that campaign. Here you may use various factors for accurately defining the audience such as Location.

The “Locations” section allows you to specify a location for the targeted audience. You may also provide the ones that are to be excluded. For example, you can select a specific neighborhood and then exclude certain areas from it that you do not wish to target. It creates more specific and effective geofencing for the Facebook or Instagram advertising campaigns. You are also presented with a map interface while choosing the Location for the Facebook ads. Select the Drop Pin option for pinpointing an exact location. After this location is provided select a radius around it. The minimum radius you may select is 1 mile.

Costing for geofencing advertising

Geofencing advertising is just another technique for using the standard advertising platforms more effectively. Therefore, there are no additional costs involved in creating geofence advertisement campaigns although you are going to need quality data for the campaign to be successful. Some of the elements of this data are the habits and behavioral patterns of the targeted clientele and their relevance to the area you will be targeting.

Similar to the normal Facebook or Google ads, the geofencing ads on the platform are run as CPI (Cost Per Impression), CPC (Cost Per Click), or CPM (Cost Per Mile) ads. You may select a model depending on your preferences that will align well with your marketing and advertising targets.

Any marketing effort has a lot to do with human behavior as much as it has to do with the technology you are using. Therefore, first, ensure that you understand your clientele well before opting to create customized geofencing ads. Many considerations are significant while creating geo-targeted ads and you may want to use the services of professionals for geofencing and other related marketing efforts. For the businesses operating from the Tampa, FL area you can reach out to the experienced and affordable option in Affordable SEO Company for your advertising needs.

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