How To Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Work For You

How To Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Work For YouOne of the best ways to generate new leads for your business is through content marketing. In fact, 70% of businesses admit to investing in it with 60% of these investors saying this is an extremely important part of their overall business strategy. However, there’s more to this than simply creating content. You need an effective strategy to manage content across your entire business.

Optimize Your Blog for the SERPs

Setting up a blog and posting on it regularly won’t get you anywhere without doing some search engine optimization. This is something that only 30% of businesses understand today. However, without it, your blog won’t ever rank high in the SERPs. When it comes to SEO you should be using WordPress Yoast plugins and creating permalinks.

Create a Marketing Funnel

If people are reading your blog but you’re not seeing an impact on your sales, it’s probably because you need a funnel. Rarely will someone read your blog then immediately make a purchase. They must visit 5.1 information sources beforehand. This is where your funnel will help you move your traffic along through this process.

Listen to Social Media

Posting on a regular basis to social media is important, but the relationship you build there with your customers is even more important. Remember, a relationship is a two-way street so you can’t just talk at your market, you must also listen to what they’re saying. To do this you must make sure you reply to their posts. Fortunately, there are some tools available to help you track public opinion and emerging trends so you can create the content your visitors want. This is important because 54% of people admit to having stopped following a brand because they felt their content was irrelevant. Being able to understand what visitors want and connecting with their interests, needs, and values will help you be more successful – things social media listening will help you accomplish.

Embrace Data

About 20% of small businesses admit that they don’t know how to measure social media’s impact while another 59% are struggling to track lead nurturing. This is unfortunate because if you don’t measure it, there’s no way of improving it.

You must track everything so you know what content is the most popular, what topics are performing the best throughout your funnel, and other important information. This is where tools like Google Analytics, Buzz Sumo, or Hubspot can benefit you by gathering and analyzing your content and giving you useful insights.

Create Video Content

When surveyed, 68% of marketers will tell you that visual content is vital to their content marketing strategy. It’s also been proven that video will outperform other types of content on a very consistent basis. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that video is the most frequently produced content today. The advent of TikTok (a sole video platform) alone only served to emphasize this demand. In fact, there’s only 14.5% of businesses that don’t publish any type of video content today. Many marketers say they have a hard time believing that this number is so high.

Clearly, you need video as part of your marketing strategy. There are many different platforms and ways of accomplishing this. This includes posting how-to videos, live videos, and behind the scenes videos on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Watch Your Business Skyrocket

This really is the best way to attract, convert, and retain loyal customers and increase your profits. By taking the time to put this strategy to work for your small business you’re bound to see some great results. For help doing so contact the Affordable SEO Company Tampa, FL today.

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