Is Lawyer SEO An Essential Investment Today?

Is Lawyer SEO An Essential Investment Today?To grow and survive every law firm needs new clients. Organic search still dominates online marketing methods despite the availability of innumerable options to promote your business. Higher ranks on Google’s search rankings are crucial for both the growth and development of your law firm. This is only possible if you adopt effective SEO strategies.

Figures released by National Law Review suggest 96% of clients are using online search engines to look for legal advice. Most of them aren’t searching for a specific attorney but consultation regarding a legal issue. The intent is to look for the best legal service providers near them. These searches being non-branded strongly point towards the fact that clients search for attorneys who could help them in their legal tussles. Typically, clients would search for Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa Bay or Florida Divorce Attorney.

Statistics Demonstrating the Importance of Lawyer SEO

92% of clients clicked on businesses appearing on the first page
70 to 80% of search engine users ignore clicking on paid ads
The conversion rate of Organic SEO is 14.6% compared to 1.7% of traditional advertising methods

Efficient SEO helps clients to discover an attorney and increases the chance of a conversion. Let’s discuss some important reasons why it’s important to invest in Legal SEO today.

Higher Traffic Converts into More Clients

SEO helps you drive more traffic to your website which means you could receive more calls to your office. Hence, there is an increased chance to convert those leads into clients. As per Google’s Legal Search Study, 74% of people visiting a law firm’s website are expected to take some action. Effective SEO will help in boosting your chances of ranking better on search engines.

Other Attorneys are Investing in Lawyer SEO

Although you aren’t investing in SEO, competitors are surely investing in Lawyer SEO. The first page of Google lists 10 organic results and the chances of the 1st firm getting a click are double than any other option on that page. Research suggests that 75% of people do not go beyond the first page. Hence, if you are not among the top ten legal attorneys, your firm has a 25% lessor chance to get potential clients.

Website Becomes More Engaging

Inefficient SEO strategies might shoot up the bounce rate on your website. It means most visitors are likely to leave your website after seeing a single page. Improper SEO strategies might mean you end up showing for wrong terms and not reach the right clients. A visitor leaves your website as they cannot find relevant information they were searching for.

Increases Credibility

Creating a website that is designed and features useful content is very important. This has to be done by determining the need of the target audience. If you manage to integrate the perfect combination, there is an increased chance of improving your credibility with the search engines and both current and prospective clients.

Improves Return on Your Investment

There is intense competition in the legal space but your commitment to SEO would help you stay ahead of your competitors. Effective SEO gives a better return on your investment when compared to other digital marketing strategies such as email campaigns or paid ads.

Improving your online presence is important for your business and its growth. If you are searching for professional help to improve your rankings, then get in touch with Affordable SEO Company Tampa. They have been serving clients across Tampa, FL, and helping them rank better on the search engines.

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