SEO Strategy Mistakes To Avoid

some of the SEO strategy mistakes that you will want to avoid at all costsIf you want to get ahead in your photography business, you must have an excellent SEO strategy. This will allow you to get leads from potential customers. However, many photography businesses might feel it is not as important as other things, so it gets set on the back burner.

If you are in the photography business, you must realize that SEO is crucial to your business. Here are some of the SEO strategy mistakes that you will want to avoid at all costs.

One of the biggest things you really want to avoid is refraining from doing local SEO. This kind of search engine optimization will hone in on your social presence, so those in your geographical area are able to see you. Since many photography businesses are not large business chains, this is crucial. This SEO will help attract the people in your area, not those hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Local SEO is fairly easy to do. Be certain your business is a part of directories such as Yelp, Facebook pages, Manta, Foursquare, Bing Places, and Merchant Circle. It may take you a bit to enter profiles on each directory, but over time it will pay off.

A Google My Business page is essential to your SEO strategy too. No matter what you decide to do for your business, this is the number one thing that will provide you with the most results. Just be sure you are consistent when typing in your name, address, and phone number so interested persons can easily reach you.

And of course, be sure to list your city and region on the home page and contact pages. While this is a simple thing, many photography websites forget to list this.

Take a look next at your SEO content. Do you have enough? If you answer yes, take a good look at your website. Many photography sites do not have enough. If you want to rank high on the SERPs and get visitors to your website, it is recommended to have content related to your business.

Not sure what sort of content you should have? Here are some ideas:

  • a list of potential photo shooting locations
  • a complete list of photoshoots you offer (wedding, senior pictures, newborns, family, business, head shots, etc.)
  • a do and don’t suggestion page for the different types of photo shoots you offer
  • inspirational posts (5 Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Bouquets, The Hottest Summer Photography Locations, Senior Photo Shot Outfits That Will Never Go Out of Style, etc.)
  • Why It Matters What Photographer You Hire
  • A FAQ page
  • Attire and Makeup Guide

A third big mistake you want to avoid when working on your SEO strategy is to use keywords incorrectly. Many photographers will not have a plan for what keywords they will use. You should plan on using only one keyword per page after mapping out a schedule and creation plan. Then be sure to look over any existing content and pages you have on your website to be certain it abides by this.

By avoiding SEO strategy mistakes, you can be sure your website will be optimized the best that it can be. If you are uncertain about how you can do SEO for your photography business, do not hesitate to contact Affordable SEO Company Tampa in Tampa, FL. They can assist you with all your photography SEO needs.

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