Tips For Getting Started With SEO

Tips For Getting Started With SEOWhen you want your customers to be able to find you online it’s important for you to rank high in the search engines. For this to happen you need to understand and implement the intricacies of SEO.

Install Yoast

When you host your website on WordPress one of the first things you should do is install Yoast. This plugin will ensure that your website can be found and crawled by search engines. It will also help take care of technical issues so your website is constructed in a way that Google likes.

Get Your First Link

Google needs to know that you exist which means that you’ll need at least one external link that points to you. This is because Google follows links, saving all the web pages it finds along the way. If you want to get listed in the index it creates you must do this.

Know What You Want to Rank For

It’s important to attract the right audience which is why you need to get to know them. This is part of doing keyword research for SEO. Although difficult, this is important and there are a lot of tools that you can use to help you here. Even when you use these tools you still need to put some thought into who your audience is and what keywords they’re searching for.

Set Realistic Goals

Older sites get crawled by Google more frequently. Not only will you need to have the patience to persevere here but you must also realize that certain keywords are out of your reach. This is why your SEO should concentrate on long-tail keywords in the beginning. Once your site starts ranking for these you’ll be able to go after more competitive keywords.

Implement Good Internal Linking

Remember, Google follows links both externally and internally. It’ll use your internal link structure to crawl through your website so make sure your structure here is flawless. While you won’t have much content initially, this is still the best time to think about your structure and how it’ll influence your ranking. Think about what the most important parts of your website will be so that you can put them at the top. Make sure that the pages you want to rank well with are the pages that have the most internal links pointing towards them.

Start a Blog

You’ll need content for each of your keywords if you want your website to get ranked. Yoast will help you determine the quality of your written content when it comes to readability and whether it is SEO-friendly. Make sure you use the words you want your website to be discovered for in your introduction, conclusion, and headings. Once you’re done writing your post you will also want to optimize its title and meta description.

Get Some External Links

When you’re trying to reach a high position in the search engines you’ll want to pay attention to your external links too. Unfortunately, you may discover that this is the most difficult part of SEO. However, if you write original, valuable content people want to share and link to it will be a bit easier. You may also want to spend some time reaching out and making people aware that your website exists. If people like what they see when they reach your website they’ll be more likely to want to share it with others. They’ll also be more likely to link to it from their website.

Now that you know what you need to do, isn’t it time you do it? Contact the Affordable SEO Company in Tampa, FL for help getting started today.

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