Why You May Not Rank For Optimized Content

Why You May Not Rank For Optimized ContentJust because you have a perfectly optimized post or page, doesn’t mean that you’ll rank at the top of the search engine pages (SERPs). There are other factors you must consider when creating website content for SEO purposes.

There’s Too Much Competition

When there’s too much competition for a keyword phrase, it’s likely you won’t be able to rank highly for it. You’ll know this is happening because high authority sites (e.g. Wikipedia, Amazon) will dominate the first page. If you do, it won’t matter how much you optimize your website content you’re not going to rank highly here. Instead of worrying about this, try using a long-tail keyword phrase. Once they start ranking well you can work on the more competitive keywords.

Your Website has Technical Issues

When your website content doesn’t show up in the search engines at all, it’s probably not the SEO you have to worry about. Instead, you probably have a technical issue (e.g. conflicting plugins). This is especially true if you were ranking well in the SERPs then suddenly your content has disappeared altogether.

You should also make sure that your website hasn’t been hacked. If it’s been hacked, your existing content will decrease in ranking and your new posts won’t rank as easily as they did in the past.

In either case, you’ll want to take a look at your plugins and security measures to make sure that everything is in order.

Your Website’s Internal Linking Structure is Incorrect

Your site’s internal linking structure plays an important role in SEO. This is because it impacts how well Google is able to understand your site. Even if you have well-optimized website content if you have a poor linking structure you’re likely to rank lower than you would if you had a great internal linking structure.

This is why you need to make sure that the most important pages on your website have a lot of internal links pointing to them. These links need to be relevant links that actually provide your visitors with some value. In other words, you can’t just randomly add links to your pages in hopes of improving your SEO.

Your Website Doesn’t Have Many Backlinks

You can’t expect your website content to instantly rank on Google regardless of how well optimized it is. Not only will Google not know that you exist in the beginning but they also want you to have some links from other websites.

To get backlinks and improve your SEO you should reach out to other websites. Ask their owners to share your content with their readers. You should also use social media to tell people that your website exists.

You’re Targeting the Wrong Type of Intent

Search intent is an important factor in SEO today. Therefore it’s important for your website to match the intent of the people who are searching for your keywords, even if you’re using a long-tail keyword phrase. When your website appears irrelevant to a lot of the people who visit it, more than likely Google isn’t going to list your website content in its SERPs because it isn’t what people are actually looking for.

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind here. First, it is important to understand that not every search term has one dominant type of intent. Secondly, it’s possible to rank for content that doesn’t fulfill your users’ original intent. Nevertheless, this is something you should look at if you’re having issues getting ranked by the search engines.

Unfortunately, this can be challenging to fix because you can’t change your visitors’ intent. However, the one thing you can do is adapt your content strategy so it does meet your visitors’ intent. To do this you’ll need to look at the SERPs to see what results are dominating here and any related queries that may show up. Check out the pages that are ranking here and if they have images or videos on them. Now take all of this into account as you create your own content strategy.


Clearly, there are many reasons why your optimized website content may not rank. Since you must invest in the long-term optimization of your website, you’ll need to exert a lot of hard work and have a lot of patience. If you’d rather hire someone to do this for you, contact the Affordable SEO Company in Tampa, FL.

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