Where Most People go Wrong With SEO

Things Most People Get Wrong About SEOEven if you’ve been working on SEO for years, you’ll still learn new things about this industry – updates, tricks, and other things you’ll want to incorporate into your own campaigns. This industry is continually evolving although its fundamentals have remained the same over the past two decades. Nevertheless, nobody really knows everything there is to know about it. What does remain true though is that there are 8 main beliefs people hold that are wrong here.

Believing it’s a Gimmick, Trick, or Scheme

With the way some people talk, you may think this is a big “game” – do this series of tricks and you’ll rank well in the SERPs. Unfortunately, this is only partially true. You don’t want to game your way to the top here. Instead, you want to figure out what features and content are the most important and present these in an organic fashion.

Believing you Simply Need to Focus on Keywords

Your biggest priority when it comes to SEO should be to get ranked as high as possible in the SERPs. This doesn’t mean that keywords are the only thing that matters. There are lots of other metrics you should also measure to gauge your success.

Believing Google Penalties are a Major Threat

People would love to make you think that Google hands out penalties more often than the police hand out speeding tickets. In reality, you’ll need to act in a truly egregious way to get such a penalty. What’s more common (but much less severe) are automatic penalties (a.k.a. temporary ranking drops). By following “best practices,” you don’t need to fear these either.

Believing you can get Something for Nothing

SEO is cost-effective with a big ROI but a low budget typically results in amateurish work. This won’t get you the results you want or need like spending some money will.

Believing it’s too Complex to Learn

Although there are a lot of technical components (e.g. robots.txt files, canonical tags) that look intimidating, you can learn the basics in a few hours. You just need to dedicate yourself to learning it.

Believing it’s Easy

There are also people who will tell you that SEO is so simple, anyone can learn it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of variables and strategies that it’ll take you years to master it. Even then, you’ll still have to follow the latest changes to remain relevant.

Believing Link Building is Spam

Poorly executed link building that doesn’t follow a strategy isn’t beneficial. You’re not just trying to accumulate links. They need to be relevant, valuable, natural, and informative. This is the only way you can add value to your website and boost your domain authority too.

Believing you Should Always do the Same Thing

The SEO process isn’t one you can copy and repeat again and again. There’s no “one size fits all” way to get results here. This is both an art form and a science. Different websites require different targeting strategies, execution methods, and investment levels to get desirable results. As such, you’ll need to continually tweak the strategy you use and invest time so you get the results you desire in being where you want to be on the SERPs pages today.

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