Joining The SEO Possibilities Of Co-citation And Co-occurrence

Joining The SEO Possibilities Of Co-citation And Co-occurrenceAs all SEO professionals are trying to figure out the Google algorithms and become proactive in terms of marketing strategies, you need to ensure that you are not falling victim to some buzzwords. Let’s understand the meaning of co-citation, co-occurrence, and how they are different. We will also see whether to use these strategies for your website SEO.

Co-citation & Co-occurrence

Co-citation takes place when a website or a brand is mentioned (and not linked) by two different resources. There is a content-driven connection between two websites because of the mutual mentioning of the specific site and not due to any links between the sites. This is many times termed as link building without links.

Co-occurrence on the other hand is the presence, proximity, and frequency of similar keywords in several websites. The co-occurrence includes various keywords that are topically relevant and yet not the same. This is not new for the SEO experts. The concept of LSI keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing is basically related to co-occurrence.

The connection between Co-citation and Co-occurrence

Many discussions regarding co-citation and co-occurrence join the two terms together as a single package. But they are different. Co-occurrence refers to the presence of similar terms or content on various websites. You can describe it as an ontology or an occurrence. The second term co-citation refers to the way in which the different websites are related to each other. Contemplate in terms of a citation or a mention. For instance, a peer-reviewed high-quality journal will have many citations because of the authoritative status of it. The citations are mentions in the article. For achieving the co-citation it is necessary to have co-occurrence. It is not possible to have a co-citation strategy without a co-occurrence strategy. These two things go together.

Implementation of co-citation and co-occurrence

When the concept started to appear first many thought that although it was not practiced a great deal these days but should be kept in mind for the future. The use of anchor text as a signal is diminishing and is getting replaced by co-citation. You need to decide first whether you should pursue the concept as an SEO practice. The Google algorithms are modified to accommodate searches not driven by links. This is the time to capitalize on co-citation and co-occurrence.

  • Do not concentrate on anchor text.
  • Reduce emphasis on keywords.
  • Develop brand presence and exposure.
  • Make use of content marketing for high-quality and legitimate links.

You need to concentrate on your content and not get too carried away with the keywords. Co-citation is developed on the reality of co-occurrence which is algorithmically defined. Co-occurrence says that you need to stop being obsessed with head terms and the exact LSI keywords for targeting. Rather opt for great content regardless of the presence of keywords.
One good thing about the implementation of co-citation and co-occurrence in the SEO strategy is that it is not too different from normal content marketing. Although there are a few things you need to keep in mind, the main idea remains the same. Concentrate on delivering the killer content, concentrate on the promotion of the brand, and do not be obsessed with keywords, links, and anchors.

It is always a great idea to keep up with where the searches are coming from, where the searches are at the moment, and where they are going. It is always good to stay abreast of the changes in algorithms and the evolution of search engines as it gives you a competitive advantage. Although the concepts of co-citation and co-occurrence make sense and do seem like the way Google will probably go reducing the emphasis on links you will be wise to not go all out on this one.

Some SEO specialists say that the backlinks are not essential for the improvement of the website ranking but the content is. Google SERPs do not back this statement though. If you check the real-world examples you will discover that links are still vital for the success of a site and its capability to rank. This is not likely to change in the near future either. There are many other things that contribute toward the SEO efforts. For those looking for local SEO in Tampa, FL get in touch with Affordable SEO Company Tampa.

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