PPC VS. SEO! Differences And Integration!

PPC VS. SEO! Differences And Integration!When you are not sure whether your business will benefit from either SEO or PPC let’s check an insight into where they fit into your marketing plan. This query is asked commonly, which is better PPC or SEO? Well, there is no general answer to the question and it depends on the current situation of your business, its objectives, and the market. Generally speaking, SEO is more beneficial if done well. The organic search will deliver more results at a better cost per lead than PPC. But things are not what they used to be with SEO and some new businesses may find it tough to get started with SEO. There are pros and cons of using both PPC and SEO as marketing strategies. Sometimes both strategies are suitable and you can integrate PPC and SEO for better results.

Some Pros of SEO

  • SEO provides for better brand awareness and reliability.
  • When your website features in the organic search it improves your credibility with the potential customers. A lot of users will skip the ads and will trust the organic results. Better visibility means your business has acquired the stamp of approval.
  • The website traffic generated from the organic searches is free while developing visibility takes time and effort. However, there no charges for every click.
  • The organic searches mean better ROI than compared to the paid media and is a better alternative than PPC.
  • Although SEO is neither easy nor cheap, it is normally more cost-effective than other marketing tactics for driving the traffic to your website.
  • The organic traffic doesn’t stop the moment you stop paying for the marketing. The efforts you have put in can sustain a business even when the marketing expenditure has been curtailed.
  • There are several new queries each day so to maximize the scope you must have strong organic visibility. You cannot pay for all the clicks you need.
  • Visibility in the organic search is never easy. But, if you are established in this regard your competitors cannot buy their way in.

Some Pros of PPC

  • Paid search gives you dominance over the above the fold content. You also get improved ads as you have more control over the delivery of your marketing messages.
  • Visual product ads are possible as Google gives you the option of visual shopping ads. CTR is improved this way.
  • You can have better control over the budget and there is more brand visibility with PPC.
  • PPC gives you better targeting in front of potential customers.
  • The PPC campaigns can be developed quickly and it also provides more agility.


You can find two main differences between PPC and SEO. First is that the paid ads appear near the top of the page, above the SEO organic listing. The 2nd difference is that the traffic generated by the organic SEO is free while you have to pay for every click in case of PPC. In some cases, PPC and SEO work at their best when they are strategically aligned and are integrated.

The question of what should you choose for your marketing efforts PPC or SEO cannot be answered without taking into account the unique situation of an independent business. A locally focused business that has little competition and needs only a few leads every week can develop visibility in the organic and local search results without having to spend too much on SEO. Are you in the need of new leads right now? Are you looking to play the long game? What is the website authority? What is the nature of competition in the organic search? The answers to these questions along with a clear digital marketing strategy are necessary for making the PPC and SEO decision.

Generally speaking, the integrated strategy which takes into account both SEO and PPC is the best approach. You will get better results by using both organic and paid methods. This may not be applicable for every business but for higher growth and aggressive marketing you must build a holistic strategy rather than looking for either PPC or SEO in isolation. If you have a local business in Tampa you can consult the professionals such as Affordable SEO Company Tampa for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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