What Attorneys Should Know About SEO

What Attorneys Should Know About SEOWhile the laws haven’t changed with the pandemic, the way you work as a lawyer has changed. One of the biggest changes that come to mind is that you can no longer meet with your clients in person. Now all of this is done online which means the way you operate and find clients has had to change. There are also certain steps you should take to be successful throughout the pandemic so you position yourself to help as many people as possible.

Introducing CRM Marketing

There are many “little known” ways in which you can improve your lawyers’ website’s online reach. One that you shouldn’t overlook is CRM and yet many do overlook this valuable tool.

Short for “customer relationship management,” CRM uses a combination of technology and hands-on work to form a strong relationship with customers at various points in the customer lifecycle.

The way CRM looks for a law firm is different from how it’ll look for other commercial businesses. For instance, you’re not trying to get someone who’s bought a shirt from you to buy another one in the future. Nevertheless, when you use it correctly it has great benefits including letting you know when someone visits your website, contact page, or a page for a specific practice. You can then use this information to reach out to them again in the future – something that you can’t do with even the best lawyer SEO.

This is important to remember because even the most motivated client struggles to contact an attorney. When CRM marketing is done correctly it’s easier for both the client and the law firm.

Podcasts, Videos, and More

Besides lawyer SEO you’ll get a lot of value from posting videos, podcasts, and blogs. Each of them allows you to showcase your expertise as a lawyer. This is especially true today when your clients can no longer safely stop by your office. Now when you take the time to put your best foot forward here these can serve as a great first impression. These things are also important since so much work is now done online. With these things, your clients will get the opportunity to see how you look and act while you’re working on their behalf online.

Lawyer SEO

As a law firm, you may be tempted to go with a full-service lawyer SEO and digital marketing firm that doesn’t have any other law firms as clients. They feel that then the company would be able to devote a lot of time to them, but this isn’t the case.

Marketing a law firm is different from marketing any other type of business. When a digital marketing company only has one client it’s typically because they don’t know what they’re doing.

While the law is a competitive business and you want your firm to rank better than all the rest, when you choose an inexperienced lawyer SEO firm it’ll work against you. Instead, make sure you choose someone with a proven track record. They’ll be able to position you where you’ll get more clients while you focus on doing work for these clients.

When clients are looking for a lawyer, one of the first things they’ll look for is your experience. They want someone who’s been able to win a case as they have. This is the same mentality lawyers should have when they’re looking for someone to manage their lawyer SEO for them. This is why you should trust yours to the Affordable SEO Company in Tampa, FL. With years of success, you can’t go wrong by contacting them today.

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