Reasons For Using PPC And SEO Together

What is PPC and SEOThere are several people out there that think PPC and SEO are two entirely different strategies. Both these are service offerings associated with internet marketing. Although they are indeed different, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use them together. You can achieve the objective of raising the benefits of each other. Another common misconception about PPC ads is that they lead to cannibalization of organic traffic. Let’s look at some of the reasons why SEO and PPC work well together and in fact, it is a good idea to use them in conjunction.

1. You can dominate SERPs: Domination of the SERPs means you get a great improvement in your overall performance. The quantitative management team from Google has tested this fact and has concluded in a case study that the incremental ad clicks percentage for various verticals is close to 90%. It means that 90% of the traffic generated by the different search ads is not entirely replaced with organic clicks as the ads are paused. Imagine not capturing 90% of the traffic, especially when you are not ranking organically. It appears worse when you are not dominating the SERPs with organic listings and PPC.

2. Sharing performance data: You can conduct the PPC and SEO campaigns at the same time. It gives you are twice the keyword data for sharing. It is a massive advantage on running just one kind of campaign. Firstly, more data means you will capture twice the keyword data. Secondly, you are learning faster than normal if you were only running either of the two. Having this Google Ads data for review also creates a guide that allows you to expand the campaign further. If you are looking to develop the existing keyword list, you can consider the organic keyword data for deciding the opportunities for adding top-quality keywords.

3. Use of messaging for guiding content strategies and optimization: One of the greatest advantages of PPC marketing is that it provides the capability to test different variables and actionable results quickly. The advantages associated with A/B testing have been praised widely. But they are not beneficial for the PPC campaigns. If it is used properly, it will be an invaluable asset for the SEO strategy. Sometimes, you are testing your ad copy and headlines with A/B testing. Here you decide the messages that will resonate with the users. Here you can get an idea about what works out for the PPC. Keep in mind that what works for PPC is going to work for SEO as well.

4. Test the organic keyword strategy by using PPC: One of the common benefits of PPC is its capability to test variables quickly. It can also get actionable results quickly. However, this comes at a cost. Also, one of the downsides related to SEO is that it takes a long time to acquire actionable data. It is unlike PPC and there is no cost associated with it. So, you can use the PPC campaign as a testing lab for deciding specific keywords to drive the conversions. This will allow you to gather data immediately to support or add to the keyword list.

5. Retargeting the visitors that did not convert: One of the more common campaigns created by experienced SEO professionals is remarketing campaigns. These remarketing campaigns are terrific as you get the capability to target the users that did not convert in the first attempt. It doesn’t matter where they came from. It could be organic listings, PPC campaigns, TV ads, or social media. As these visitors have visited your website earlier, they will be familiar with your products and brands. Usually, this kind of campaign improves conversion for all campaigns as it is building brand awareness.

As you can see, SEO and PPC can work well together in a partnership with both campaigns striving to achieve company objectives cost-effectively. You can group these services and consider them as a single cohesive unit. This way you are more likely to find fruits for your efforts. If you need help from professionals, for PPC or SEO campaigns, and if you live in Clearwater, FL area, get in touch with the Affordable SEO Company for a free consultation.



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