6 Useful Techniques Of Lowering CPC In Google Ads

some examples that can help you reduce your Google Ads budgetIrrespective of spending, you would always prefer lowering CPC in Google Ads. If you can do so, your cost per acquisition will come down and drive more traffic to your business website. It may even allow you to have some extra marketing budget left over for other marketing campaigns. Lowering CPC in Google Ads isn’t that difficult. Let’s list some examples that can help you reduce your Google Ads budget.

Lower Your Bids For Selected Keywords
We always want to rank at the top of the search results to get more business. To do so, we often enter into the keyword bidding battle. Lowering your CPC may drop you by a place or two but might not considerably impact traffic or conversion.

Usually, the first spot receives more than 50% clicks but doesn’t convert into sales. Hence, like several other PPC marketing factors, conversion depends on the industry, USP, products, ad copies, and a wide range of other factors.

Takeaway: You should consider bidding lower for your keywords and see the difference compared to the top spot.

Reduce Efforts On Your Ad Content
Copy is an essential part of PPC ad content and is probably everything for paid results. In the case of both video and display ads, a well-created copy gets more clicks when sharp images get your customers’ attention. Thus, when lowering your PPC in Google Ads, ensure you work on the copy along with this step.

Takeaway: Design a creative copy that says a lot with less. You should cut unnecessary information and implement ways that use single words instead of chunks of content.

Stay Focused on Quality Score
Google Ads quality score impacts the PPC price. Hence, it’s essential to optimize your ads as per the quality score. It can substantially lower CPC and is a long-run strategy. It is complicated as QS is applied individually to different keywords, campaigns, and ads.

Takeaway: Create ads relevant to the searcher as much as possible. It should be good enough to encourage them to click.

Integrate Negative Keywords
While creating an ad copy, using negative keywords has often helped lower your CPC. Search for keywords that usually attract high volumes but have low conversions. Integrate them in the negative keywords list. Such keywords are terms that usually attract readers at the top of the funnel for people doing window shopping.

Takeaway: Basically, give fewer chances to your ads to show up in general search terms that are likely to be used for research and awareness.

Optimize As Per Location and Scheduling
With experience, you learn that some days, weeks, and months are ineffective for ads like others. It means your product or service is seasonal and might affect the overall demand. Even location plays an integral part in the effectiveness of an ad performing better.

Takeaway: Select your geo-targets based on areas having a track record of delivering good results. Even if you broaden your reach, you do not get beneficial or profitable effects despite catching more customers.

Avoid Invalid Traffic
Speaking of invalid traffic, they directly impact your PPC in several ways. Factors like high bounce rates or irrelevant clicks affect CPC’s quality score. Also, invalid clicks mean the cost of each click and a lost business. You pay for each invalid click and do not convert them to actual customers. Surprisingly, in some cases, as high as 90% of PPC ads are affected by fake clicks.

Takeaway: You need to create your ads in an optimized manner to prevent malicious, bot, or accidental clicks on your ads. You will be receiving basic human clicks, which will increase the conversions you make.

Lowering CPC in Google Ads and the other ideas mentioned above can considerably help in improving the conversions you make on your investments. If you are looking for an expert agency to help you create well-optimized Google Ads, contact Affordable SEO Company. The team is experienced enough to manage ad campaigns in a manner that yields excellent results for your business in Tampa, FL.

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