Why Word Count Matters For SEO

What are the Important Steps for Content Optimization?Although your word count isn’t a ranking factor with search engines it’s still important for SEO. Search engines want content that’s both relevant and original, but tools recommend word count for competitive analysis and to help Google’s algorithm determine what you’re writing about.

What are the Important Steps for Content Optimization?

Well-written content will show that you’re an expert in your topic and help you rank better in the search engines for long-tail keyword variants. There’s no clear answer as to how long this content should be. Instead, you need to take a few steps to determine this for each piece of content you write.

Step 1: Consider Your Keyword Strategy
Longer content is more likely to rank on the front page of Google for multiple keywords, especially long-tail variations of your primary keyword. This is because you can cover your primary topic from various angles. This is why your first step in content optimization should be to identify the long-tail keywords you want to target.

Step 2: Look at Your Competition
Now take a look at the SEO your competition has done. Find out how long their content is for this keyword then make sure your content is the same length or longer.

Step 3: Think About Search Intent
Don’t focus too much on your competition’s SEO. Search intent is equally as important. Here’s where you learn why your content is both useful and relevant to your users (a.k.a., what your readers want to know). If they’re searching for comprehensive information, then your goal is to meet or exceed your competition’s word count. However, if they want a quick answer, you should create content that quickly arrives at the point.

Step 4: Review Your Performance
Look at how you’ve done with content optimization in the past. Here you’ll discover what length of content works best for you. Reviewing your SEO performance on a regular basis will help you easily spot these trends. Also, if you find some content that isn’t performing well you should consider lengthening them by offering more information.

What are the Other Factors that are Important for SEO?

While word count enables you to enhance your keyword research and competitive strategy it isn’t the ultimate deciding factor here. There are some other things you must also keep in mind.

How Your Content is Structured
Google looks at structural elements (e.g., heading tags) to help it understand your content better so it can send you the right visitors. This is also why content optimization is so important. It logically structures your content so that people can quickly read it and find what they need. Using headings to break up your content will also help here.

The Quality of Information Provided
Providing high-quality information is still an important factor in determining your ranking in the SERPs. This means you can’t simply add fluff to improve your word count. Google even admits that its search algorithm prioritizes those pages that show they’re experts and that they’re a trustworthy authority on the topic. Make sure you back up your claims with relevant external links and always create original content.

Whether You Provide Images
Images help your page demonstrate the keyword’s relevance. This is also an important part of content optimization for SEO purposes. By adding media to your page you’re improving your users’ experience and also catering to visual learners. With high-quality original images, you’ll also rank in Google Images.

If There are Special Content Blocks
Google continually works to make its SERPs more browseable and intuitive by using special types of content (e.g., featured snippets). These appear at the top of the SERPs and provide a quick answer to search queries. Engaging in this type of content optimization elevates your content to a position above your competitors (a.k.a., position zero).

How do I put these tips to work?

Content optimization for SEO is more than working your way through a checklist. You must also understand your audience and what they expect from you. With so much to understand and do here, you should reach out to us at the Affordable SEO Company Tampa in Tampa, FL so we can take care of it for you.


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