Ways Of PPC Click Fraud Prevention

Take into consideration how you are running the display adsWhile you are running a PPC ad campaign on Google or any other similar platform, you are paying each time someone has clicked on the ad. When you are doing your work well you can expect a large number of clicks for converting them into sales or whatever the objective of the PPC campaign is. But sometimes people click your ads without any intention of buying anything or engaging with your website. This is called click fraud and it is troublesome for the advertisers. It is difficult to detect click fraud however, there are some steps you can take for eliminating the click fraud. If you are aware of the problem, you can limit its impact on your website. Here are some steps you can take for limiting the impact.

Setting up IP exclusions in Google Ads: When you have checked your data and have decided on a certain IP address that is fraudulently clicking the ads, you can block these IP addresses by using Google Ads. Google Ads can ensure that your ads are not shown to these IP addresses that you have identified as being fraudulent. For making the settings, go to the Settings tab in your Google Ads account and select IP exclusions. It is an effective method for spotting click fraud for your ads. Keep in mind that many of these operations are pretty sophisticated and therefore, this is not a full-proof method for preventing Google Ads click fraud.

Take into consideration how you are running the display ads: PPC Protect has indicated that the display ads are going to be a lot more susceptible to these click frauds. It also makes sense as you have to face the additional element of those publisher click frauds that are present for the search ads. But you can have control over how the display ads are displayed and one good alternative is to concentrate on retargeting. When you are running retargeting ads, remember that they are visible only to people that visited your site in the past. It also means that a publisher cannot see the ads on their website and is not able to click them. Therefore, retargeting is a terrific way of targeting the audience at various stages of the customer journey. It also means there is the additional perk of making it tougher to click the ads fraudulently.

Focus on ad targeting: If your ads are more targeted there is an increased chance that they will be more successful. This is also going to make them less susceptible to click frauds. Several click farms are located in specific areas, especially in low-income countries. Therefore, you can reduce the risks by the exclusion of these countries in your targeting. You must look to get the ads to the audience that is likely to take action. So, you must be targeting these people. Concentrating on smaller geographic areas can not only make the ads more effective but will make things difficult for the fraudulent users. Again, keep in mind that this is not an exact science and it is extremely difficult to prevent click fraud completely. If it was easy, Google cloud would have done it. However, by following these PPC methods you will be able to improve the ROI and protect yourself at the same time.

Concentrate on social media ads: The social media ads are less based on keywords than compared to the paid ads working on different search engines. This makes it tough for people to type in the keywords to visualize the ads. Social media platforms such as Facebook have a great deal of info about their users. It allows you the opportunity to be targeted while reaching the audience. It reduces the opportunities for click fraud and gives you a better ROI for paid ads. The social media platforms unlike the display ads do not have third-party owners. Therefore, it eliminates the risk of publisher click fraud thereby making the ads a bit safer.

Using software for click fraud prevention: You can find several service providers that give you fraud detection services. There are companies available such as Oracle, ClickCease, and CHEQ for your ads that use algorithms for quarantining fraudulent ads and detecting click fraud. Most of these software solutions tend to cost close to $fifty every month for their basic packages and they can save some money for you. Whether you wish to invest in this type of protection depends on the scale your PPC campaign is operating on and if you are currently suffering from any click frauds. The good part is that these platforms are useful and you will be able to see the results quickly in your data. Another good thing is that you are not bound to anything and you can test this software out thoroughly to check if they are making a difference to your ad campaigns.

Click fraud is a complex problem that can happen to a PPC ad campaign. Although Google and other search engines are taking preventive measures for safeguarding against click frauds and they are also trying to refund you for the illegitimate clicks, you need to keep in mind that it is not a perfect method Therefore, it is always a good idea to take a proactive approach and make sure that you are getting the most out of your PPC campaigns. Remember, PPC is all about small margins. If you are paying for each click, you must be able to make sales to achieve any sort of ROI. If you keep receiving fraudulent clicks then this is just not possible. You might have placed a lot of effort into developing high-converting landing pages, or you have written great ad copies but what you need most is protecting that investment. If you are looking for professional help for your business in Clearwater, FL area, get in touch with Affordable SEO Company Clearwater for the top advice.

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