Positive Effect Of Negative Reviews On Your SEO Campaign

Positive Effect Of Negative Reviews On Your SEO CampaignThere has been a rise in the content generated on the internet and social media. It has become possible for people to voice their opinion about the services offered by a company at the click of a button. You will find that around 93% of people have opined that online reviews have influenced their decisions of purchase. This shows the significance of user reviews toward the success of a business. It is also a fact that successful companies cannot just have positive reviews. Even acclaimed companies such as Myer and Woolworths have negative feedback on the internet. Although it can be catastrophic to have negative feedback, it can be turned into a successful addition to the SEO strategy.

1. Increases unique page content: For a successful SEO strategy in the eyes of Google it is important to have unique content. Whether the user review is positive or not, the fact is that it is unique content. It means you have unique content that is relevant and engaging to the target audience. The reviews created on the external websites also means that they help you in improving SEO ranking as it is creating backlinks to your website. As long as positive reviews are accompanying the negative ones Google will not penalize you.

2. Using LSI keywords: No one can know a customer better than the customer himself. Negative online reviews may be utilized by a business for identifying the popular long-tail keywords. They can be later used for page optimization and for improving the visibility of the website in the eyes of search engines. When you select the long-tail keywords from negative reviews and place them within the body of the text on your website, it may improve the page ranking. This also results in the site reading and flowing better for users.

3. Develops trust: People do not find the companies with all five-star reviews trustworthy. It is too good to be true in the eyes of many people. So, it is a better idea to keep mixed reviews as they appear more genuine and authentic to the prospects. It also establishes that you are not getting involved in shady practices such as buying good reviews and hiding the bad ones. It can lead to more clicks and raised interest in the business which will lead to improved ranking in Google.

4. A chance to respond: The negative reviews also provide you a chance to respond to the customer and if it is done correctly you can demonstrate to the current customers and prospects that you are taking your business seriously. There is an opportunity for improvement by admitting to a mistake and working on a solution as it also makes the company more human and relatable. Making the existing customer happy by fixing his issue is worth the trouble as you will retain the client rather than having to find a new one. Responding to the user reviews is recommended by Google My Business. It is an indicator that search engines are factoring this while developing the rankings. If you are including the relevant keywords in your response to the customer your business will benefit as you will be optimizing the content for the SERP.

It is a fact that negative reviews can aid the company by providing more authenticity and credibility. You can also respond to criticism by showing that you care about your customers and are committed to improving the service. You are not going to get positive customer reviews all the time no matter who you are. But keep in mind that it is an opportunity to boost your SEO strategy. You can also take help from professionals such as the Affordable SEO Company for SEO strategies if your business lies in the Tampa, FL area.


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